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Please Help Vanuatu!

The category 5 Cyclone Pam smashed through the island nation of Vanuatu on Friday night, devastating much of the country and leaving up to 10,000 people homeless. The death count is not yet in, due to communications being entirely severed with many of the outlying islands, but is believed to be in the dozens. Homes have been destroyed, livelihoods ruined, and water supplies and hospitals damaged.

There isn’t a lot of noise about this on Tumblr yet, but I know you guys can help bring awareness to this disaster. Please, if you can spare a donation, go to one of the below links. They are New Zealand sites, which may mean that any donation you make will be in NZD - for those of you in the US, this means that a $10 NZD donation would actually cost you closer to $7.30 USD at the current exchange rate. I’ve used these sites because they all have programs specifically dedicated to Vanuatu (and other Pacific Island) relief, but if you know of any funds dedicated to the same situation in other countries, please add them in a reblog.

Every little bit helps. The next few days are absolutely crucial when it comes to aid, as people are without power and clean water or shelter - the longer this persists, the worse things will get. If you can’t donate, please reblog and signal boost however you can.

New Zealand Red Cross
Unicef New Zealand
Rotary New Zealand
World Vision
Tear Fund
Save the Children
Oxfam New Zealand


During a GOP primary debate Republican candidate Mitt Romney proposed gutting FEMA and leaving disaster relief to the states or privatizing it.

“Every time you have an occasion to take something from the federal government and send it back to the states that’s the right direction. And if you can go even further and send it back to the private sector that’s even better.”

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Sendaid is an international online charity that serves to support the Sendai disaster victims who have lost their families and homes during the Tohoku Earthquake in 2011. All proceeds from merchandise sold by our team of Sendaiders will go to charities in Japan.

To celebrate our blog opening, Sendaid is holding a giveaway! Please spread the word so that we can send help to those who have lost their homes and loved ones in the earthquake and tsunami.



must be following Sendaid. 

- please continue to support this organization after the giveaway ends!

- reblogs count as entries. you may like the post to bookmark.

- reblog as many times as you want, but try not to spam your followers!

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- must have parent’s permission and be able to give us your postal address if you are a winner.



THREE WINNERS will be randomly selected. 

- One lucky winner will receive the International Figure Skating magazine (March/April 2014), featuring Yuzuru Hanyu, Olympic gold medalist and victim of the disaster. 

- One lucky winner will receive a chibi keychain!

- One lucky winner will receive a bracelet!


The giveaway ends on June 27, 2014, which is the day our online store will officially open. Thank you for the support!

- Sendaid



If you happen to be curious about what the future home of your grandchildren might look like, take a glance at Remistudio’s concept hotel called The Ark. Russian architect, Alexander Remizov, is the mastermind behind the project, he believes that his floating “slinky,” which can hold up to 10,000 people can have multiple uses, including a safe house for disaster relief. The prototype’s main materials are timber, steel ,and high-strength ETFE plastic and it is built to handle land and/or water.

The Ark’s central core is a wind power generator which would provide power to the facility. The outer part of the structure is covered with transparent solar panels, and if the ark is built on water, it can also take on thermal water energy.

There is even a purpose for the shape of the structure, the form promotes the formation of turbulences of air which in turn strengthens the work of wind generators. The Ark is very well thought out; there is a purpose for every element and each component supports another to enhance performance.

Last Sunday, a 7.2 earthquake shook Turkey, and the death toll has risen to more than 430 people. Many others are injured or missing – or have lost their homes or businesses.

Want to take action to support the relief efforts going on in Turkey as well as help prepare your own community for the possibility of a future quake?

3 ways you can help right now:

the last words i said to my grandmother in taiwan before she died from cancer were, “grandma - it’s claire, i’m back from canada to see you. i promise that i will work hard in school and piano, and i will be a good person." she was gone the next morning.

over time i’ve been thinking about what constitutes being a good person. ralph waldo emerson says that the purpose of life is to be useful, honourable, and compassionate - and i agree. being a good person means to do good and have good intentions, to not hesitate to extend help, to have compassion for those in need. it means being someone who will hold hands with you while you’re strong, and pull you back up when you are weak.

this is why i want to start a disaster relief fundraiser for taiwan. last week in kaohsiung (the second largest city in taiwan) there was a gas leak, which led to explosions that killed 30 people, injured more than 400, and left many others homeless. eyewitnesses reported collapsed buildings, fireballs in the sky, and flames reaching up to 15 m high - definitely not something we see every day.

let’s extend an international helping hand, guys - we can’t replace what they’ve lost but we can help them to recover. here is the link to donate! i’d be really really really grateful if we could reach the goal. 

please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

i will send personal thank yous to everybody and i’m also contacting some people so i might be able to give out some prizes to donors :)

A reporter for Forbes exposes the sheer hypocrisy of Republican double talk when it comes to government spending. On the one hand, Republicans want massive cuts to government spending. On the other, they filled this disaster relief bill with pet projects that have nothing to do with helping Hurricane Sandy victims.

the pork portions of the Senate bill were not earmarked to benefit Democratic members of the upper chamber of Congress. And you may be quite surprised to discover where that money is actually headed once the rich Senate legislation is passed by the House.

A review of the mark-up of the Senate bill reveals that all that extra, non-Sandy related cash is actually set to provide billions for “storm events that occurred in 2012 along the Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast within the boundaries of the North Atlantic and Mississippi Valley divisions of the Corps that were affected by Hurricanes Sandy and Isaac.”

Why, you might ask, would the Senate be packing billions of taxpayer dollars for these areas of the country that are nowhere near the devastation brought about by superstorm Sandy into a bill designed to bring relief to those suffering from the storm that ripped the northeastern part of the nation?

The answer can be found in a quick review of the states that are set to benefit from the Senate’s extra-special benevolence—states including Alabama, Mississippi, Texas and Louisiana.

What, you may ask, do these states far from New York and New Jersey have in common?

Each is not only a red state, but each of these states are represented by two Republican senators—with the exception of Louisiana with its one GOP senator.

And what happens when you buy off seven Republican senators with a package of goodies under the guise of storm relief supposedly meant to benefit two blue states?

You get yourself a filibuster proof piece of legislation.

Great work at Forbes.

Joseph Massenburg, a member of one of our corps teams down in New Orleans, was fatally shot last night while talking on his phone. The motive is unknown. On the off-chance anyone on Tumblr knows anything, I’m putting up this post.

Homicide Detective Robert Barrere is in charge of the investigation and can be reached at 504.658.5300.

Police ask anyone who has information about this killing to call Crimestoppers at 504.822.1111 or toll-free at 877.903.7867. Tips can also be texted to C-R-I-M-E-S (274637); text TELLCS then the crime information.


During the 12 January earthquake in 2010, Fredlande’s back was injured, and her grandmother was killed. “Sometimes I remember how the ground was shaking, and it’s as if I can still feel it shake,” she said. Fredlande has recovered, but her family can no longer afford her school fees. “I want to be a doctor,” she said. “They take care of people when they are sick.”

Haiti, 2010 ©UNICEF/Roger LeMoyne

More information: http://www.unicef.org/


The Sun Will Rise Again” by Dan Elijah G. Fajardo

Our thoughts go out to the many artists, community members and citizens in that area dealing with the destruction. A huge thanks to Dan Elijah G. Fajardo for volunteering his design to support this cause, and for answering a few questions about his connection to the disaster.

How has this disaster affected you personally?

First of all, I just want to give thanks to Threadless for letting me part of this good cause. My heart goes out to all the victims of typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). I sincerely hope and pray for their safety and courage to overcome this struggle. 

Besides buying this tee, what do you think is the most important thing people can do to aid in the relief?

Water, food, clothes, and security of the people are the main priority now in the affected areas. I know that Threadless has a good community and we can help together for the victims of the typhoon.

Describe the inspiration for this design.

I did this design to encourage my fellow Filipinos to have faith and strength. I believe that Philippines will overcome this tragedy. 

100% of net proceeds from the sale of Dan’s tee will be donated to Architecture for Humanity to support those affected by the devastating typhoon that hit the Philippines.

For more ways you can help, check out Dan’s blog.

Pick up a tee to make a donation, and please share this post so others can help out.

Please share for those who might need it, or pass it along however you can. This is a list of all the places opening up housing for displaced families after today’s tragedies in Moore, OK..

Amy Elliot, chief administrative officer of the Okla. office of the chief medical examiner says 20 of the confirmed fatalities are children:

The Oklahoma City Red Cross will open shelters as first responders assess damage. The organization says in the immediate aftermath, the best way to help is to donate at RedCross.org or text REDCROSS to 90999.

The Salvation Army has mobilized a number of emergency relief services in Oklahoma, including Moore, to dispense food, hydration and emotional support to first responders and survivors. Donate online or text STORM to 80888 to contribute $10 to the Salvation Army’s relief efforts or make a donation via phone at 1-800-SAL-ARMY.

Relief Programs for the Philippines?

So , in case you didn’t know, Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines and the South Pacific, and had some really devastating results. (Here and here are pretty good sources for more information). 

We’ve gotten some requests to signal boost some relief programs, so if you could reblog and spread the word, please do. And let us know about more relief programs that we can signal boost (if you just reblog and add, we can reblog it back again in a few days). Even if you can’t donate, please reblog! 

So far we’ve gotten suggestions to check out the World Food Program, the American Red Cross, and NAFCON. If you know of programs outside of the United States, especially disaster relief that is based in/from the Philippines, let us know! It’s super important that the programs we are boosting are actually working with the communities affected and are actually putting in work to aid survivors. 

We’re keeping the survivors and their families in our hearts. Let us know if there’s anything you can think of that we can do. Again, we’re more than happy to signal boost programs and funds.