When it comes to protecting people against disaster, it’s not just about emergency response – although that’s vital life-saving stuff. It’s also about helping them become stronger, more resilient, before the flood, drought or tsunami hits.

This can help save lives – and cash.

Please share this post – so more people can see why prevention pays off.

Sediment major disaster has occurred in Asa-Minami, City Hiroshima.
I hope a quick recovery and pray for the repose of the souls of those who died.

I will donate 1 yen per notes. Thank you for your cooperation.


川c ’∀’) I like Hiroshima~!


Striking photos show the catastrophic flooding in Detroit

Part of metropolitan Detroit is in a total state of emergency, and barely anyone is paying attention.

Thunderstorms on Monday flooded major sections of the suburb of Warren, just miles from downtown Detroit. It’s pretty bad — in some places the water reached five feet high, while Warren Mayor Jim Fouts told WWJ Newsradio 950 that 1,000 cars had been abandoned to floodwater. Thousands of residents, as well as the city hall and police department, have flooded basements. One person has died and hundreds of others have been rescued by police in canoes.

"This is probably a 200-year rain. I’ve never seen anything like this." | Follow micdotcom

Baby Horse Problems

Me: Please bend your body left

Horse: No *shoves right*

Horse: *Throws head up in air*

Horse: *Flails head around*

Horse: *Throws self on floor and has tantrum*

— 2 hours later —

Horse: OH *bends left*

NASA confirms the world was almost knocked back to the 18th century

On July 23, 2012, two giant plasma clouds, known as coronal mass ejections (CMEs) erupted from the sun creating an epic solar storm. As luck would have it, the CMEs weren’t directed at the Earth, but if it had happened one week earlier the point of eruption would have been Earth-facing and would have resulted in trillions of dollars of damage to the planet, mostly due to the widespread blackouts, damage to satellites and general interruption of and damage to various electrical systems on Earth. 

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