bones in a nutshell??
  • dr brennan:"rationally..."
  • hodgins:"omg larvae !!!"
  • angela:*looks at brennan* "sweetie..."
  • booth:*blesses himself*
  • sweets:*does adorable shrinky things*
  • cam:(to everyone) "im ur boss"
  • caroline:(to everyone disapprovingly) "cherie"

thecaptainsass asked:

Have you done Bellarke x 16?

Because I wasn’t sure which list you were referring to, I combined them, which created this fun little drabble :) 

#16: “It could be worse.” / things you said with no space between us

Bellamy glared disapprovingly upat Clarke, who was climbing up one of the enormous shelving units in the clutteredstorage room behind the medbay. “Wick said he would be back in a minute with a ladder. Get down. You’re going to fall.”

Shushing him, Clarke hitched herself farther up. “The ladder is in the workroom, and so is Raven. Wick isn’t going to be back for another twenty minutes, and I need those syringes now.”

Despite rolling his eyes, Bellamy silently conceded that she had a point, because Wick had no self-control when it came to getting distracted by their mechanic friend. Regardless, his heart jumped when Clarke tried to go up yet another shelf and her foot wobbled as she almost slipped. “Stop this,” he argued. “We need our medics in one piece.”

“What, you aren’t going to catch me if I fall?”

“No, because I don’t condone dangerous behavior.”

Clarke let out a peal of laughter, and Bellamy smiled as he watched her shake her head in amusement. “Okay, Mr. Whatever-the-hell-we-want.”

“Will you get down?” He sighed, ignoring the jab.

“I’m almost—oh!”

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“Nuggets nuggets!” “HEALTHY EATING!”

Why are Harry and Louis so my fic?:

Harry is sitting at a table in the student union building, staring at his music history textbook and sipping a pineapple mango smoothie when he hears a familiar voice.

“Harry you deserve better than this smoothie.” Harry looks up to a blue-eyed beauty standing next to him, head tilted disapprovingly.

“What do you mean?”

“You know how they say that life is for the living? Well food… food is for the chewing. The savouring. The enjoying the textures, the tastes, the distinction between different bites.” It is quite clear that Louis does not understand the wonder of smoothies, and Harry is not entirely convinced that Louis personally understands food, as most of what he’s seen him eat has been pizza, chicken strips, and tea, which hardly counts.

“But this smoothie is delicious.”

“You lose the experience - what makes eating enjoyable is entirely gone. It’s all the same taste mush. Nope, nope, nope. If you’re going to keep eating… excuse me, drinking these smoothies, I’m afraid we’re not going to be able to be friends.”

“But Louis!”

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Can’t she give a sexy death stare in a santa hat.

Momoe sexy death stares at you all!