Kishimoto,the lazy manga“master”

So we finally saw most wanted face of Naruto manga.But lets talk about something.

This is Kakashi in one of older databooks,drawn by Kishimoto himself.Turns out this image is an assumption of his ninja dogs on how he looks. When they saw his face dogs said its far from what they imagined.

Now lets see his face in one shot

Woah “so far” from what his dogs imagined.Good work ”master”,you really gave him whole new design!


Theories of Disappointment

Happy National Poetry Month! This month on Incidental Comics I’ll be referencing (both directly and indirectly) poems that have inspired my work.

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Further reading:

“Die Slowly” by Martha Medeiros (apocryphally attributed to Pablo Neruda) 

“How to Wake a Sleepwalker” by Edward Lueders (from Zero Makes Me Hungry: A Collection of Poems for Today)


Wow. OK looks like the retail version of Bloodborne has some problems, huh? That is really disappointing. I might preorder and then cancel just to protest this bullshit.

It’s like a kid in the candy store type of thing.
You can have candy, you just have to wait 2 days (which feels like 2 years in kid time). Finally the 2 days have slowly gone by & you’re driving to the candy store, butterflies in your tummy, enthusiasm pouring from your fingertips, only to have your mom turn around as soon as you get to the shop.
That disappointment you feel in the pit of your stomach- is the same feeling that has pitched a tent in mine.
That feeling of hopefulness, that maybe your mom will change her mind- is the same feeling that makes my heart hurt & eyes burn.
Because just like the kid was promised candy,
I was promised forever.
—  (April 10th 2015, 2:10 PM)