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Soooo I’ve been away. >.> I got a bit busy (I had two part time jobs for a little while there whoa) and then I had a brilliant idea of trying to make up for it by experimenting a little with perspective and such, which just made it take longer.

And then I let it sit mostly finished in my files for like a month before I finally finished it off yesterday haha… ha.

*hides behind desk* I’m sorry! ;____;


What can you do in 6 months? I can tell you one thing, and that’s
actually keeping your roleplay account going?? The questions marks
display my obvious confusion, as the epiphany I had that has led to
this moment only happened last night. I decided to waltz through my
archive and then…May, 2014 was when I started this blog; when Judith
came to life (haha….came to life….).

The one and only thing I really have to say is thank you. Thank you to everyone
who has ever written with me, talked with me, or has even looked at my blog
for a split second. These little bits of encouragement are what kept me going,
and the responses have only spurred me on keep writing and developing a
character I have fallen in love with. Thank you so much for keeping this blog
alive, and thank you so much for contributing to its upkeep [though I might
start charging you for maintenance].

In order to show my gratitude, I am going to mention a group of people who
have affected this character and myself especially. However, I am not
completely excluding them from the rest; every single one of you has made
a difference, and now I just want to cry.


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On Christmas Eve night, 1945, the Sodder family were awakened by a fire in their home. George and Jennie Sodder quickly escaped with four of their nine children (ten in total - one was away in the military). The other five children were never seen again.

George Sodder had immediately gone back into the house to retrieve the five remaining kids, but the upstairs where the kids’ rooms were was divided by fire and impossible to get to. He attempted to climb up to a window with his ladder, but found it missing. He instead tried driving one of his two coal trucks up to the house, intending to use its height to reach the windows. Neither truck would start, though they worked perfectly the day before. Attempts at phoning the fire dept. from neighbor’s houses received no response, and by the time a squad arrived from the neighboring town, their home had burned down.

A search of the ashes turned up no trace of their missing children. It was generally assumed the fire was hot enough to completely cremate the bodies, but the Sodders were not convinced. Their house had burned down too quickly to not leave any bones, yet no bones or any trace of their children were ever found. The family set up billboards with photos of their missing children, looking for any leads or clues as to what could have happened. Several people came forward claiming to have seen them, including a woman at a tourist stop who claimed to have seen the kids with four Italian men and women. They grew hostile when any attempt to talk to the kids was made, and mostly kept to themselves before disappearing the next day.

20 years after their disappearance, a mysterious letter with no return address was mailed to Jennie Sodder. She opened it to find a photo with “Louis Sodder. I love brother Frankie. Ilil boys. A90132 or 35” written on the back. The Sodders could not deny the resemblance to their missing son, and quickly searched for leads again. They all fell through, but the Sodders instead updated their billboard to include the photo. The Sodders eventually died without knowing what happened to their children. Only one of their kids is still alive, Sylvia, who also believes her brothers and sisters that went missing did not die in the fire.

I don’t have the biggest following, but this needs to be shared in every possible outlet. Hayley is important to so many people here, and they are literally trudging through marsh in the cold rain to find her. Vital information is missing in this case, such as the identity of the “group of people” who helped her fix her tire. If anyone has changed a tire in the New Orleans/UNO area, please come forward. If anyone has seen Hayley or her vehicle, please come forward. 
And please, please reblog this. It’s been nearly four days, and we refuse to lose hope. 
This is the facebook page that has been created to aide in the search, where more information can be found: https://www.facebook.com/HelpFindHayleyHoward


Charlie Noonan’s Last Interview (from creepypasta)

"Charlie Noonan was an amateur folklorist who travelled throughout the South and Southwestern United States during the early years of the 20th century, collecting tall tales and stories of the supernatural. According to his wife, Ellie, Charlie was told a story one day by an Oklahoma farmer about a strange woman who lived alone on an isolated property in the panhandle.

The farmer claimed the woman was not a woman at all, but something else, something that hid its true nature beneath a headscarf and was never seen without a large dog by its side. Noonan was apparently intrigued enough to try searching for the woman during one of his research road trips. He was never seen again.

Ellie Noonan was later contacted by a Tulsa pawnbroker who remembered reading about her husband’s disappearance in the papers, after finding his name engraved on a camera sold to him by an itinerant. The pawnbroker returned the camera, and Mrs. Noonan had the film inside developed in the hopes of finding a clue as to his whereabouts. This was the only photo on the roll. Unfortunately, neither the location of the property, nor the name of the farmer who told him the story was recorded in Noonan’s notes.”

(Disclaimer: Creepypastas are largely fabricated for fun, this was just too cool to not share.)

Pauline Picard

Little Pauline Picard, aged two, disappeared from her family’s farm in Brittany, France in April 1922. An exhaustive search failed to find her, but several days later, police received news that a little girl who matched Pauline’s description was found wandering in the town of Cherbourg, about 320 kilometers (200 mi) away from the Picard farm. Pauline’s parents arrived to examine the girl and announced that she was indeed their missing Pauline.

A few unusual facts stood out about the otherwise happy reunion. First, the girl did not seem to recognize her parents. Second, she did not respond to them when they spoke to her in their native Breton. Dismissing these peculiarities, Pauline’s parents took her back to the farm, where the neighbors quickly affirmed that she was Pauline, and the whole ordeal seemed to end on a happy note.

About a month later, a neighboring farmer walking near the Picard farm stumbled upon something horrifying: the mutilated and decomposing body of a young girl next to her neatly folded clothes. He alerted the authorities, who arrived at the gruesome scene along with the town’s inhabitants, among them Pauline’s parents. Although the young girl’s face could not be identified, the Picards made an unsettling realization: the folded clothes were exactly what Pauline had been wearing on the day she disappeared.

The area where the remains were found had been searched thoroughly when Pauline first disappeared, which suggested to detectives that someone had placed the body there fairly recently. The case became even more perplexing when the skull of an adult male was discovered next to Pauline’s body, adding a second potential victim to the case.

Early reports from the investigation indicated that there was one possible suspect. A few days prior to the discovery of the body, a middle-aged farmer visited the Picard farm and asked them whether they were sure that the girl from Cherbourg was really Pauline. He then stated “God forgive me, I am guilty,” erupted into hysterical laughter, and was hauled off to an insane asylum.

Even so, a myriad of questions still baffled officials and Pauline’s parents. If the body in the woods was Pauline, as the evidence suggested, then what had happened to her? Was the laughing man the killer? How was the unidentified skull related to Pauline’s murder? And who was the little girl from Cherbourg who had been living with the Picards for a month? It remains unclear whether these questions were ever answered: No definitive records exist of a resolution to this story.