During my last year of high school, I had a particularly rough time dealing with all of the school work because I was constantly exhausted, depressed, anxious, and struggling to get along with people. I didn’t go to school for much of the week, and when I did, I often spent most of my time in the special education room working by myself.However, on one of the occasions I did go to class because it was essential to have explained to me what we were doing, I had an outburst.

At my school, people seemed to think the due dates were optional, and it was a “just hand it in sometime over the next couple of weeks” thing. I think the teachers wanted to enforce the due dates, but they struggled because many of them were just genuinely nice people. Because of this, people would take advantage of them.

So, when I was the ONLY one in a class of thirty kids to hand in my assignment on time, and the teacher gave everyone her “Come on people you’ve got to hand it in as soon as possible!” speech for the seven hundredth time that year, I’d finally had enough.I stood up, and took a deep breath.

"I understand," I began, "That each of us have our individual struggles. But I also know that most, if not all of you, don’t have depression so crippling that you can’t leave your bed most days, or anxiety disorder so horrible that you can’t maintain friendships because you fear so badly that you’ll screw them up. Or learning difficulties that actually inhibit your ability to process information quickly."

Tears pricked my eyes.

"I know this, because almost all of you aren’t in the special ed room, and almost all of you don’t get singled out in a special little group to do exams, and almost all of you don’t even try, and still do decently well at school."

"Well, guess what? I have depression so bad that, most of the time, I can’t get out of bed until very late morning, and, even then, it can sometimes take me an hour or more to psych myself up to actually put my feet on the floor. And I have Anxiety that is so bad that I can’t actually speak right now to all of you without stuttering, mispronouncing words, and repeating phrases. In fact, most of the time I can’t approach people because I feel like my heart will burst through my chest it’s beating so hard."

"And I have learning difficulties that mean it can take me three or four times longer to do a task that you could do faster, better, and more easily than I could ever dream of. I also have my parents splitting up, my dad dealing with alcohol and mental health problems, and my mum and nan struggling with cancer. All of my issues combined mean that I struggled a lot more than most of you would have to in order to get this assignment in on time, and I still managed to do it to a very high standard. It makes me so mad that I have to struggle along and hand in an assignment that will get the same grade as someone who will take two weeks longer to complete it with their "normal" brain." 

I stared at them all for a moment.

"Get your shit together. At least have the respect to hand in your pieces on time and level the playing field just a little for people who truly struggle."

I sat down. There was quiet muttering, and then everyone went back to talking with their friends. Nobody had cared. So I just gathered my things together and walked out.

I topped that class overall - above all the people who could’ve done so much better if they’d put their minds to it. In fact, I got the best mark overall that anyone had ever received for that class in the entire time it had been running at that school.

Fuck people, seriously.

Help Wanted !!

I would like to have someone be my beta reader for my little warriors thing ? and/or have someone help me make all these cats’ headcanons !! (:

I wanna have canon cats with romantic and sexual orientations that deviate from the normal heteroromantic/sexual, I want cats that are more genders than just cisgender, I want neurodivergent cats and cats with disabilities, and I want otherkin cats.

I just want a plethora of cats and I need help, so please send me an ask or ask me for my other contact information ?

Would Freddie Mercury count as a person with a disability?

Or, let me put it this way, if someone asks me what one of my heroes with disabilities is and I say Freddie Mercury…is that weird?

I mean, I know that technically AIDS is a disease not a disability, but if you’ve read/watched a biography about his life, you would see that he went through some seriously physical hardships in the months leading up to his death. I know that there are some people who get picky about stuff like that. But, I don’t know. I still think that it counts.

And I that he wasn’t outspoken about his illness (in fact, he pretty much kept it a secret from everyone but his closest friends) but the fact that he was so sick and he was still able to belt out songs like The Show Must Go On (heck, just the song The Show Must Go On!) is pretty inspirational!

The fact that you have this guy whose main goal in life was jut to sing and have as much fun as he could and have a good time and he continued to try to accomplish those goals, even after he was sick, is just so inspiring!

So I definitely think that he counts!

What do you guys think?


This came into my work today and it made me really happy, because it’s so perfect and there needs to be more of this.

Just think of the little blind kid who’s just learning to read Braille and they find this and think for the first time that something was made special for them, with them in mind, and here it is telling them that there are others like them and that you don’t need to see to still experience all the joys and beauties of the world. That color can be smelt and heard and felt as much as seen. That you are not experiencing the world in a lesser or incomplete way, but just differently, and difference is beautiful.

Bless this children’s book author from the bottom of my heart. Bless.


The Communication Bill of Rights

You have the right: 

  • to express feelings. 
  • to understand communications.
  • to reject.
  • to request information.
  • to have access to information.
  • to be communicated with in a dignified manner.
  • to aids, services, and resources.
  • to be listened to. 
  • to be included in social interaction. 
  • to learn about yourself. 
  • to learn about life. 
  • to be offered choices.



Hello everybody, to be honest i really thought about this a lot before making this post but right now we’re in a really bad situation and i see no way out so please read everything until the end.

This is my sister, she’s 22 and she’s been wearing hearing aids since she was five. She was born like this, at the beggining she listened a little bit but as she got older she started to lose her hearing more and more. Because of her problem she has to use hearing aids that cost 21,000.00 mexican pesos EACH ONE, that’s around 1430 dollars and even though we talked to her doctor and asked her if my sister could use a more cheap kind of hearing aid she said no, because of the problem that she has. 

My sister is in college, she’s majoring on digital design and her school is a little bit expensive also because she needs teachers that can give her the proper attention. Ever since she was in middle school a lot of people have bullied her and stolen her things but we thought that in college that kind of things woulnd’t happen. 

We were wrong, last month a couple of students thought that it would be funny to take her hearing aids and put them on water. My sister came back crying and with the hearing aids completely unusable. Now we have to buy new ones, because the parents of this people said that it wasn’t their kids, that my sister was just trying to blame them and the school can’t do anything legal wise or anything because we don’t have “proofs” but they suspended the dudes for two weeks. Ever since then my sister has been miserable, she doesn’t wants to go to school even though she was so excited to go everyday because she used to love it there, she can barely hear and the teachers aren’t THAT patience with her. We’ve been trying really hard to get the money but is a little bit hard. In my family the only one that actually brings money is my mother because she’s the only one that works and even though i have been trying to find a job, but with school i can only get part time jobs which means we’re far away from the goal that we need for the hearing aids. 

I would really appreciate if any of you guys could help us. My sister can’t hear from her left ear without the hearing aids and from the right ear can only hear a little bit. Please guys, help us donating whatever you guys want, every dollar helps us. 

You can donate HERE 

and even if you can’t donate, it would really help me if you guys reblog this so more people can see it. Please guys and thank you very much if you took time to read this.

Some days I don’t ‘look’ disabled at all.

Some days I will use my cane.

Some days I am in my wheelchair.

I’m not more disabled on the days when I am in my wheelchair. I am ALWAYS disabled, whether or not I use my cane or wheelchair or not.

Also, do NOT call me lazy, a cripple, lame, handicapable or differently abled. do NOT.

And do NOT use the disabled parking spot, toilet, dressing room, unless you are disabled and need to use them. Okay? Okay!

The Atlas of the United States Printed for the Use of the Blind was published in 1837 for children at the New England Institute for the Education of the Blind in Boston. Without a drop of ink in the book, the text and maps in this extraordinary atlas were embossed heavy paper with letters, lines, and symbols. This is the first atlas produced for the blind to read without the assistance of a sighted person that I have been able to find. Braille was invented by 1825, but was not widely used until much later. It represents letters well, but could not represent shapes and cartographic features.

Samuel Gridley Howe (1801-1876) was the founder and president of the New England Institute the Education of the Blind (later known as the Perkins Institute) and produced the atlas. Previous maps for the blind had been made, but as Howe wrote with frustration in the introduction to his atlas, they all required a sighted person to help the blind reader. Fifty copies of his atlas were made and five survive today, including this one. The atlas includes twenty-four state maps with a page of text describing each state and the symbols used on the maps. The picture shown here is of Maine, with dotted lines for the borders with Canada and New Hampshire.

Hello, everyone!

I need your help!

The petition for Disney to make a princess with a disability is less than 400 signatures away from reaching 7500!

It would mean the world to me if you could sign it and signal boost this post so that other people see it.



If you’ve already signed it, or if you’ve already reblogged some of my other posts and have shown your support, thank you so much!

My Pride Takes Practice Tip today: Don’t apologize for being disabled. Don’t say “Sorry. I’m autistic so I can’t…” Just say “I’m autistic so I can’t…” When you say “sorry” you’re letting the person you’re apologizing to know that being disabled is something to apologize for.

This is something I’m personally working on myself.


“Bionic” pop star Viktoria Modesta is shattering stereotypes about people with disabilities 

Viktoria Modesta pushes viewers to forget what they know about disability. 

In a commercial during the Sunday finale of The X Factor in the U.K., Channel 4 unveiled a portion of the model and singer’s new music video for her electro-pop song “Prototype.” 

It’s not only her music that stands out, but also a characteristic that clearly sets her apart from most other pop stars: Modesta is an amputee — and she’s not apologizing for it.