Oracle would probably be a one-woman machine battling the forces of ableism and the lack of support for disabled heroes in the DCU, wouldn’t she? She has eyes everywhere and the network to provide the support that few other people seem to have noticed. 

When an autistic teenager with latent meta powers is bullied into a fit that winds up causing massive property damage and gets him put on trial as a “supervillain”, Oracle deputizes Kate Spencer to take over his defense, totally dismantle the smug Prosecutor trying to ruin the kid’s life, and then makes sure he gets the assistance he needs to manage his powers and use them for good. 

When a deaf superheroine starts making waves and proves herself to be one of the world’s best new heroes, but the JLA doesn’t seem to have noticed yet because reasons, Oracle hacks their servers to add a sign language tutorial for all the members and then strongly hints that the fastest learner should give her an interview. 

When a prominent young heroine breaks her neck in a freak accident that leaves her paralyzed, Oracle hacks all the gossip websites and gives them false leads as to which hospital she’s at, ensuring that she can heal in peace. She keeps in touch with her through rehab and makes sure she’s set up with the software and assistive technology she needs to apprentice under Oracle and join the network, if she wants. 

When an iconic superhero begins acting increasingly erratic after one of the major cosmic battles that nearly ends the world, endangering himself and others, Oracle gets Bruce Wayne to communicate to his newspaper holdings that they should knock off the ableist headlines about this hero “going crazy”, and instead ensures that the hero is provided with proper PTSD counseling before a tragedy occurs. 

Oracle seeing all the systematic ableism and lack of support for disabled metas and heroes who become disabled, and shutting that shit down. 

Official disabled Marvel AUs

Earth-TRN311 insane
Earth- 9142 paralyzed
Earth- 92272 insane

Black Panther
Earth- 1610 mute

Captain America
Earth- 3010 amputee
Earth- 14850 amputee

Earth- 295 insane
Earth- 987 amputee

Earth- 2182 amputee
Earth- 9591 blind

Doctor Doom
Earth-1191 dementia, paralyzed

Doctor Strange
Earth- 938 amputee
Earth- 42777 amputee

Earth- 371 amputee
Earth- 95099 amputee

Earth- 982 blind
Earth- 1610 depression
Earth- 9511 blind
Earth- 807128 blind

Earth- 982 insane

Iron Man
Earth- 1610 tumors
Earth- 9997 hypochondriac
Earth- 55921 tumors
Earth- 94831 amputee

Jean Grey
Earth- 1031 paralyzed
Earth- 5521 insane

Earth- 295 paralyzed
Earth-1610 insane, amputee

Mary Jane Watson
Earth- 9997 cancer

Earth- 9591 DID

Earth- 9997 dementia

Earth- 9997 amputee

Peter Parker
Earth- 15 sociopath
Earth- 2149 amputee
Earth- 11209 blind
Earth- 81029 insane
Earth- 91600 insane
Earth- 98311 insane

Quintavius Quire
Earth- 4400 insane

Reed Richards
Earth- 2149 insane
Earth- 9997 amputee

Earth- 3515 amputee

Earth- 2182 paralyzed
Earth- 2149 amputee
Earth- 11080 amputee
Earth- 81211 paralyzed
Earth- 92272 paralyzed
Earth- 96099 amputee

Representation spotlight: Blindfold

Name: Ruth Aldine

Alias: Blindfold

Debut: Astonishing X-Men V3 #7

Earth: 616

Gender: cis female

Sexuality: assumed heterosexual

Race: Unspecified white

Disability: Blind, symptoms of schizophrenia

Ruth is incredibly powerful and rare form of mutant, having been born with at least some of her mutant abilities manifesting at the time of her birth. Among her known abilities are: telepathy, precognition, retrocognition, clairvoyant, astral projection, telepathic immunity, reality warping immunity, telekinesis, chaos manipulation, psychic possession, and other mental controls. Along with her formidable powers she was born with no eye sockets and therefore physically blind. The week after her birth her father abandoned the family leaving her mother to raise both her and her brother Luca alone. Luca blaimed Ruth for their circumstances and held deep racism toward mutants, he physically and emotionally abused Ruth for years until finally attempting to murder her with a chainsaw but accidentally killed their mother who tried to intervene. For a time after that Ruth lived happily with her aunt until they attended Luca’s execution where he manifested his mutant ability of astral projection, broke Ruth’s mind open and stole half of her powers. It is then that she enters the Xavier Institute.

Even among mutants her own age Ruth is isolated and very unpopular. Not only is she not trusted because she can’t stick to the rule that psychics are not allowed to read people’s minds without permission she has also developed mannerisms and speech patterns likened unto schizophrenia which she is ridiculed for. Despite proving to be quite a boon in combat Ruth is often kept off of the official rosters and shifted around to different places.

Trivia: Ruth is the great granddaughter of Irene Adler, Mystique’s deceased wife who had the power of precognition



thom kallor | borderline schizophrenia
"the problem is that [schizophrenia is] often portrayed as negative.
[...]we like [starman's] depiction.
This person was not a villain and he had schizophrenia,
just like it would happen in the real world."
↳ Vasilis Pozios; psychiatrist
#disabilityfest - Karma

Origin: Karma was created by Chris Claremont in 1980 and first appeared in Marvel Team-Up #100. After incident with FF she was taken under Charles Xavier’s care and joined New Mutants team.

But it was long time before Second Coming event, during which Shan was attacked by Cameron Hodge.

She was badly injured, and her left leg had to later be amputated. But Madison Jefferies created cybernetic prosthesis for her:

I must admit that this prosthesis is quite wierd for Marvel standarts and not so neat looking as some others, and seems to be hard in use. I mean look at this:

Soon after “Second Coming” Karma quits New Mutants, to take care of  Face, with whom she has special connection.

And she stays outside the action untill Marjorie Liu makes her one of the lead characters in “Astonishing X-Men”. Liu had shown that Shan dosen’t wear prosthesis all the time and has toolkit to take it off and adjust it by herself:

Visibility: She was important character in Marjorie Liu’s run on Astonishing X-Men and appeared on few covers, but usually was put in the corner, exept two covers, on one of them, drawn by Dustin Weaver, we can see Shan adjusting her prosthetic leg:

Disability as the superpower?: No. Her powers are mental in nature and were not affected by physical changes.

Where is she now: Probably she is still Junior Staff Member at the Jean Grey’s school, taking care of Face and her siblings. This character is a great challenge and responsibility for authors because she is disabled lesbian Woman of Color, and I hope that soon there would be someone brave enough to properly use such underrated character.

Representation spotlight: Destiny

Name: Irene Adler

Alias: Destiny

Debut: X-Men #141

Earth: 616

Gender: cis female

Sexuality: lesbian

Race: unspecified white

Disability: blind

Irene is a mutant with limitless precognition abilities. She was the love of Mystique’s life and together they raised Rogue. Originally Nightcrawler was meant to be their biological son due to Mystique’s ability to shapeshift into a man.