For people with dwarfism, a fashion line of their own

New York Fashion Week is well underway. And while the designs that are gracing the runways in Bryant Park will trickle down to the rest of us throughout the year, most of us will never wear the actual clothes on display. Whether we can’t afford couture or whether we’re not quite what labels had in mind when they designated clothing lines ready-to-wear, Fashion Week is often more about fantasy than realistic aspirations. And the gap between dreams and reality can be particularly stark if you’re a person with dwarfism, a part of the market the already-myopic fashion industry ignores almost entirely.  —>Read on Washington Post

If you’re not prepared for your child to think differently from you, don’t have children. If you’re not prepared for your child to be disabled or chronically ill, don’t have children. If you’re not prepared for a child with autism or mental illness, don’t have children. If you’re not prepared for your child to be transgender, gay, bisexual, pansexual, lesbian, or asexual and/or you can’t accept that, don’t have children. This is not up for debate.

You deserve to live
  • Whether or not you can produce marketable labor
  • Whether or not you can perform labor unassisted
  • Whether or not you can perform labor efficiently and profitably
  • Whether or not you have marketable skills or training

You deserve to live, even if you are disabled or uneducated.

Raise the god damn minimum wage. (And make it illegal to pay disabled workers less than minimum wage.)  Support Universal Basic Income

Reblog if you would read a post-apocalyptic comic about disabled people

Seriously. Because I have an idea for one, and I want to see whether I can make it work. I don’t know if I can find an artist who’d be interested in collaborating on it, but if I can, I have some ideas on how to fund it. I just want to see enough people would be interested in it.

Surely I can’t be the only one who’s tired of the idea that the apocalypse would wipe out all disabled people because we couldn’t possibly survive. 


Wow, so I cannot draw.

That’s alright though. I’m more of a writer. And I have a story to tell.

I have always been disabled. However, up until eight years ago, I could still walk, run, skip, jump, etc. In November 2006, I had a surgery that left me almost paralyzed. I could walk short distances but had to spend the rest of my time in a wheelchair. I was scared and confused. I didn’t know what to do. One day, I turned on the small television in my hospital room and realized that there was an Avatar marathon on. Now, you must understand. I’ve watched Avatar since I was in the fourth grade – when the very first episode came out! So I sat back and eagerly watched the marathon, whispering the dialogue and humming along to the music. When The Northern Air Temple came on, I sat in stunned silence. I had forgotten all about Teo! Here was an epic, well-written, character who just so happened to be disabled! Even better, he was a character who didn’t let his disability define him! By the time I reached The Blind Bandit, I was grinning from ear-to-ear as I watched Toph take down the group of wrestlers.

Toph and Teo are two of the best characters with disabilities that I’ve ever seen. Both are shown to have their limitations. Nevertheless, they’re both mentally, emotionally, and physically strong! And most importantly, they overcome their limitations! Teo can still fly around with the rest of his friends and is able to protect his home when the time comes. Toph is still able to travel around with the Avatar and has proven herself to be an excellent fighter and the greatest earthbender in the world!

To me, it was as if these fictional characters were saying, “You can do this! Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise. What do they know!?”

And eight years later, it seem that the tables have turned.

A large part of the Avatar fandom seems to be taking the news that Korra’s in a wheelchair very badly. I’ve seen so many depressing and nasty comments. Many people are wondering how the Avatar can still fight and keep balance while being in a wheelchair.

And every time I see someone comment about how Korra “can’t do this” I just smile and think, “Yes, she can.”

caspianhelps asked:

Hi, darlin! Do you know of any guides on how to write a character that's paralyzed from the waist down?

Or, just a paralyzed character would be good! 

Try some of these links boo:

The PS4 just released a new update that includes a feature that might not seem all that significant at first glance. The system now allows players to re-map the buttons to any configuration they wish. This was normally done within individual games, but doing it at the console level makes the system immensely more accessible to disabled gamers.

As Ben Kuchera of Polygon writes:

“Now players don’t have to wait for the feature to be patched in, and they don’t have to worry about buying a game only to find that it doesn’t offer a feature that would allow them to play. The PlayStation 4 became, with one feature, a much more welcoming console for a huge audience.

“This is the gaming accessibility version of changing your maps after a major battle has been won, and the PlayStation 4 just earned many new customers by default since neither Microsoft nor Nintendo offer anything close to this feature.“

Other systems will likely follow suit, but this gives the PS4 the lead in accessibility options and no doubt earned the system a lot of new fans.

(Image via Polygon)

Saw someone online telling a friend it is okay to take some time for their own health and self care.

You know how airline safety talks always tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping someone else put theirs on? That’s what you’re doing. You’re putting your own oxygen mask on first.

I really liked that analogy.

Self Diagnosis and Entitlement: The Tumblr Culture

I’m a 25 year old autistic woman who has spent her entire life working with disabiled, mentally ill, and generally disadvantaged people. I know these people, I know how to work with them, I am one of them. Tumblr has hurt these communities so deeply I can barely even look at the political side of this site without either breaking down in tears or wanting to break things I kid you guys not.

A little on my background: I have a brother with down syndrome and autism and I was diagnosed with autism at age 11. My parents decided not to tell me until I was 14. I begin having serious issues in school and was transferred to a school for those with social issues. I improved through therapy and was able to go to college (over coming panic disorder as well) and actually graduated highschool as prom queen and top of my class. I now work as a special needs caregiver but spent most of my career in county nursing facilities with many mentally ill clients. You can now see I am disabled, I am a caregiver, and I am a sibling this is my life and my calling.

The idea of self diagnosing is harmful because it causes people to think they have disorders and create symptoms. When you create symptoms it reaffirms the delusion that an already hurt, an already ill person has a disorder that may very well be the wrong disorder.

Self diagnosing also causes people to not seek treatment. It creates a victim complex, a complex where one thinks they can never get out of the hole they’re in. They begin to think getting help makes you privileged and is a bad thing. It isn’t it is the goal of treatment and should be everyone’s goal.

The common complaint, excuse, I see is that they can’t afford to get diagnosed. This is completely off base especially with increasing access and a multitude of programs private and government run to help people get help this is from people who have not looked, who are lazy and resting on the victim complex sites like tumblr coddle.

I have experienced the harm tumblr causes first hand. My own aunt claims I’m faking autism “like all those people online”. The fact that tumblr encourages self diagnosis and it is leaking into the real world which shelters people like my aunt and gives them a reason to question an already poorly understood group. I just wish this site would focus on true education and the actual issues instead of focusing on being victims.

It just breaks my heart.

There should be a selfie day for disabled people similar to “Blackout day” because disabled people also aren’t portrayed as beautiful by the media and also it’s disability awareness month. Tumblr let’s make this happen. (PSA: not trying to detract from blackout day because that was very important and much needed.)

Reblog or note if you think this is a good idea. If it gets enough notes we can pick a day

Schizophrenia in the Media

[Image shows a vintage movie poster titled “Schizophrenia… When the left hand doesn’t know who the right hand is killing!” depicting a frightened woman fleeing down a flight of stairs from a presumed killer with schizophrenia]

   Negative portrayals of schizophrenia are far from being a rarity in the entertainment industry. From the above titled “Schizo” to more commonly known movies such as “Face/Off”, it’s commonly being portrayed as violent, with exaggerated positive symptoms (i.e. delusions and hallucinations) and/or a link to high intelligence, despite the disabling cognitive effects of schizophrenia.

In a study assessing the prevalence of misinformation surrounding this disability, researchers reviewed 41 movies containing at least one main character with schizophrenia made between the years of 1990 and 2010.

79% of the characters were male and 95% were white. Only two characters, both black men, represented minority groups. A whopping 83% of the characters displayed dangerous or violent behavior towards others and nearly one third of violent characters were homicidal.

The reality is, however, a mere 8% of schizophrenic people without co-occurring substance abuse are violent. 5% of the general population is violent, deeming the 3% gap insignificant and schizophrenic people no more likely to be violent, a Swedish study concludes, mirroring similar studies done in the United States.

Yet when we review public opinions regarding schizophrenic people, 71% of people fear for their safety around a person not being treated for their schizophrenia and 21% if they’re being treated, despite the low risk of violence.

  This brings us to question just how influential the serial killer stereotypes in movies have been in contributing to this belief, along with scapegoating from the media to explain away male violence stemming from patriarchy. 

More criticism and public outrage is necessary to address the ongoing issues schizophrenic people are facing due to stigma.

(via the Guardian)

Finnish punk band with a difference take a punt at Eurovision title

"After a transgender diva and a bearded drag act, a group of middle-aged punk rockers with learning disabilities could be the next performers to challenge prejudice at the Eurovision song contest.

They are far from the kitsch and camp of Dana International or Conchita Wurst, who became heroes for Europe’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community after Eurovision victories in 1998 and 2014.

But Finland’s PKN are aiming to raise awareness of people with learning disabilities – and “have a fucking good time” along the way, the band say.”

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