This article declares the Hero that Bjork is. Very well stated in the quote below, Bjork embraces her “otherness” and forges a path with it - if ever anyone stood their ground and used their “otherness” “outsiderness” or uniqueness as a tool to PIONEER this life - it’s Bjork. Dirty Girls proudly backs Bjork and her career and her bold exemplary life style. “She embraced her otherness, forging a path with it, never forsaking integrity or independence, never dressing down.”  


Muse Monday’s - Her majesty #MicheleLamy When I look at pictures of this incredible #badassbabe I literally lose any fear or self doubt and I remember I am exactly whoever I want to be. Michele Lamy’s age and imperfections does not permit her from being sexy, ferocious, daring, badass, and a lot cooler than most of us youngins. #SheRules I want to be like her. #RoleModel #GirlBoss #dirtygirlsfashion #dirtygirlsproject

Our First Class Ever: Yoga Party instructor and Featured Babe Ms. @myrahpenaloza - you are a gorgeous force of nature. Funny, super positive, excited, down for life, genuine and original - pretty much everything #DirtyGirlsProject stands for. We were so lucky to collaborate with you. #goodtimes #laughtermedicine #FunnyYogaParty #cracklifeopen #kindawesome #flavorlife #badassbabe