I think Romano is the most relatable, and best character in Hetalia. He often feels inferior, alone, and unnecessary, yet sometimes acts as if he could outsmart everyone. He fucks up when he tries his best, so he stops trying because he doesn’t see the point if he can’t do it perfectly. He is like many of us on this website. He’s a procrastinator, he’s insecure, blunt, and swears all the time. I think that’s why I relate to him on such a deep level. Because he’s just like me


The more I become involved with Hetalia and come to love it, the more I’ve come to realize how much of an important role Hetalia has become in so many lives; not only bringing joy as a show, but the characters bringing a sense of comfort and security to those who need it and can relate to the various characters we’ve come to know and love. Long live our adorable little countries from Hetalia.