"I’m so sick of the disrespect that women’s wrestling gets from “reporters” who send in results of live events (Smackdown Spoilers for example) to wrestling sites. Most of them ALWAYS refer to women’s matches as “bathroom breaks” or say that the match was a “botchfest” when it wasn’t and only saying it because they dislike women’s matches and that’s very rude. If you’re not a fan of women’s wrestling, that’s fine but if you’re gonna send a report to a wrestling site describing their matches, at least be professional about it."



Rob Van Dam reportedly held a meeting with TNA talents on Tuesday before Bound for Glory, where he stressed that the Writers need to step up their games when it comes to telling stories in the ring. Apparently this is a common theme of Rob Van Dam’s in meetings. It’s said that the Writers on Tuesday weren’t very receptive to the speech as they’ve heard it all before. Zack Ryder asked the Writers if anyone had questions and nobody did. It was noted that Eric Bischoff and sidekick Vince Russo were the only two people not in attendance for the meeting
The Deanee Masterpost

> seen by fans on Bourbon Street during the Wrestlemania 30 week, holding hands and drinking in bars

> After WM weekend, Renee posted about popcorn that can only be bought in Vegas, where Dean lives

^ According to uk based wrestling magazine Powerslam, their spy saw Dean and Renee being spotted in public together looking very chummy together. Which was reported in the dirtsheets as well.

>  Numerous sightings from fans of Dean and Renee out and about

> always carpooling together before and after Raws, Smackdowns, PPVs and house shows


> At a live event, Dean hugs Renee’s mom and another fan sitting next to her

> matching Halloween costumes: Dean was a zombie cowboy (talks about it on Talk is Jericho) and Renee was a zombie Native American)

> spending Christmas together in Cincinnati (Dean’s hometown)

> Renee attending house shows after Christmas that were main-evented by Dean even though she didn’t have to (e.g. the Chicago show on 26th December)

> spending a romantic New Year together in the desert on the confines of Las Vegas with champagne, Hank Williams’s music and stars

 > Renee spending days after New Year in Vegas (Dean lives there)

(the local in the back is exclusive to Las Vegas)

> Dave Meltzer and MetsFan4Ever (a trusted WWE insider on /squaredcircle) confirming their relationship

> Dean wearing her blue “burrr” beanie

> sharing another beanie hat (Jan 26th 2015) 

> Dean saying that he got  a pair of mukluks for his birthday and Renee posting a picture of her own pair on Twitter a few days afterwards

> Dean’s gray jacket in the background

> countless pics of them in public: airports, concerts, bars…

> pics of them walking down the street in NYC, where Renee lives

> a fan sighting in Vancouver together while Dean was filming Lockdown there

> Dean saying he went hiking while in Vancouver (on Talk is Jericho), especially mentioning Grouse Grind, and Renee posting pics of Vancouver, mountains and Grouse Grind (she deleted it because of the hateful comments) on her Instagram

> Another sighting in Vancouver during filming

> Dean taking her on numerous double dates with one of his closest friends, Buffalo Bad Boy (Brian Jennings) and his wife (they’re buddies since Dean’s HWA days)

> going to a Flyers game together (with Dean’s CZW crew) - the most adorable photo ever

> Renee curiously spending a lot of time in Vegas and Nevada, a place Dean loves

> the Rolling Stone interview with Dean where it says that he’s staying at his girlfriend’s place in NYC 

> insane on-screen chemistry

> Renee having a Shield mask in her apartment (they were never on sale on WWE shop, but they got new ones every week)

> Renee and Dean spotted out and about in Hartford, CT (Jan 26th 2015)

Dean Ambrose to Debut at Survivor Series? #Dirtsheet

Apparently when WWE was long-term booking for this year, Dean Ambrose was meant to have debuted in time to be on Team Punk at Survivor Series, when there were going to be two Survivor Series matches instead of one. 

For those unaware, Dean Ambrose is a wrestler currently in WWE’s Developmental territory FCW and previously wrestled in the indies under the name Jon Moxley. He was seen last year in a shoot promo with Mick Foley, where he blamed Foley for the state of the business in how hardcore indy guys have to be just to get noticed among other things.

The main reason there are talks of his debut again even when the Survivor Series match has changed to instead put Punk in a WWE Title defense is because of Foley’s remained involvement for the face team. Could Ambrose debut soon to ignite a real feud with Foley based on his actions during the Attitude Era and how it’s shaped wrestling today? If it happens, you heard it here first folks!

It is said that Vince McMahon and WWE officials were legitimately surprised by the major backlash the Rumble got….It is said that WWE painfully underestimated how the crowd would react to Bryan being eliminated.

so maybe they really are just THAT stupid……


the Dirtsheet ep.8

in which the Miz ships CM Punk and Carlito………

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Bully dempsey

….the greatest challenge…..I got it.

WWE would never fucking do this because kayfabe is precious to them despite all the dirtsheets or what not but I would have them break kayfabe for him.

Someone on the inside would be feeding dirtsheets around Bull Dempsey having heat because guys are coming out of matches with him banged up and that all fo this is coming as he’s set to debut on the main roster.

Every so often another report would come out of someone getting into a post match shouting match with him and eventually you address it when he’s called up by having cut one of those “Last of a dying breed” promos talking about how guys in the back are too coddled and if they take a bump too hard they complain to management instead of being MEN. He’d definitely have that loner vibe going.

I’d throw in a moment like Daniel Bryan had with Michael Cole on NXT season 1 where someone just snaps on Bull in a match. Like chain wrestling turns into closed fists and they’re just throwing, like 30 seconds in refs and superstars run out of the locker room to break these guys up because Bull is destroying this dude (maybe Jack Swagger :) )and Bull is pushed toward the back screaming that Swagger’s not a real american he’s not even a real man!

Next day WWE.com reports Bull Dempsey is suspended for 30 days No pay. Bull posts a long twitter rant that gets deleted an hour later but is picked up by fans and dirt sheet and suddenly Bull is over.

He comes back and squashes a few mid carders and in an absolute display of disrespect is booked to win a Mid card title and declines it mid match. He plants the champ and then walks out. Hunter is livid and the camera’s catch it. He’s screaming “What the **** is wrong with you. You were supposed to win How dare you ruin my show? You’re gone!”  Bull Looks him dead in the face and calmly says “Real men win Real titles.” and walks.

We just saw the inner workings of of WWE just fall apart and everyone is clamoring for him. He hits a million followers on Twitter because to the smarks he’s a god. There’s “Bull!” chants like there are CM Punk chants. Then on a Raw before summer slam Vince wants to meet with Bull Dempsey, in the Ring. Vince actually says the word shoot and that gets a pop from the crowd. He says Bull has pretty much spit on everything the WWE is about since he took over. There was respect in the locker room, problems got solved and everyone did what was best for the company. Bull has done so many things to disrespect the business of professional wrestling, not just the company. Vince then says that reminded him of something, That’s what the men running the territories said when he took control of WWE and ended up buying them out and putting them out of business. He says he’s bought into Bull because of the similarities and that he truly is the last of a dying Breed and he awards him a WWE World Title match at Summerslam. In the first ever non scripted match in WWE history, the better man truly becoming the victor. It would definitely need to be a Roman Reigns John Cena, Brock Lesnar type deal.

Before the match Cole explains to the fans that WWE is normally an entertainment company that they emphasize the entertainment in sports entertainment, but that tonight for the first and only time there is no safety net, no script, tonight WWE has stepped into the realm of sports complete with an ACTUAL MMA referee.

Bull goes in (and of course it really scripted for him to win but there’s no spot calling) and ends up winning the WWE World Title, for the first time under a knock out and the last real man in WWE is on top of the mountain.

MTV interviewed NXT Superstar Finn Balor, asking him who is dream Wrestlemania opponent is, and his all-time favorite match.

So who does he want to face on the biggest stage of them all? None other than John Cena. “He’s proven over the last 10-14 years to be the hardest worker in all of pro wrestling, and I want to be the guy standing opposite him.”

And when asked what is all-time favorite match is, Balor was quick to answer. “[Wrestlemania 18] Hogan vs. Rock.” He said. “Just pure electricity in the air, two of the greatest of all time.”

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I get ticked off when smarks put WWE in a "damned if they do, damned if they don't" situations (since WWE can't clearly do anything right). Oh, and cause it is the big wrestling company, it's cool to bash them whether you're in another company or online.

That’s pretty much how it’s been for ten years now. The smarks will always find shit to complain about. And it’s funny seeing the no talent hacks that write for the dirtsheets bash the WWE on Twitter, even though most of the people who write for those sites think they’re hot shit because they know a guy who works for TNA or the WWE.

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One of the dirtsheets is citing the hotel next to the XL Center as their source for the cancellation. Not the XL Center itself. The hotel next door. My head hurts.