Worms & Dirt Doughnuts

prince-murdoc asked:

What if pinescone ff based off that imagine your otp bein really cute and fluffy after they just had mind blowing sex.

AUGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!! I imagine post coital all the time when I think of Dipper & Wirt. I imagine them precoital, I imagine them mid-coital. I am a dirty birdy who loves imagining dirty things about my OTP. I love the fluff and all everything else that comes with it, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t adore the coitaling. 


I’ll probably make a lot of dirty NSFW stories about Pinescone, eventually getting kicked out of the fandom for it XD. But it will be my greatest legacy. Ugggggh, I need more of them all the time. I need more fluff of them, I need more angst of them. And I especially need more NSFW of them.