Sparkler Monthly’s first issue is now live, and FREE!

Sparkler is a new multi-media serialized fiction magazine (i.e. comics/manga, light novels, and audio dramas! two of each my babies!) that I’m oh-so-happy to be a part of! My new series, Dire Hearts, is going to be live with a new chapter every month! I know a lot of you guys know my work from TP, and I hope you’ll check out Jen’s conclusion to OffBeat since Chromatic rescued it from TP’s clutches and are letting Jen finish what she started so long ago!
Theres lots of other amazing work in the mag, and like I said, the first issue is totally free! FREE!! So please go check it out !

Notes about the mag:
- Subscriptions will be $5 per issue at the moment, but issue #1 is free and site membership is free, so just go get it already!
- Yes print versions are planned, however they depend on support for the series in the digital version, so if you like something and want a book of it, it’s up to you guys to help support it and show that it’s a viable thing~!

OffBeat 1&2 and Tokyo Demons first volume are already in print at the store, so show your support for print if it’s something you want!
- You can read it on the web browser w/o DLing anything if you like, It reads just fine on my iPad too :) ebook and pdf version are available to subscribers so if you want to read it in X-format, subscribe and let the crew know!

Notes about Dire Hearts:
-Dire Hearts is something I’ve been working on for a few years now and is a project very close to my heart. The Chromatic crew is amazing and really is letting me go all out and do this comic how I envision it. I know the opening to the series may make it seem like “just” a school romance, but I promise you, stick with it, you’ll be surprised~! If you know me and my work well, maybe you can guess where things will go!

So excited guys! It’s a great crew to be a part of :)

Hey guys, my publisher just put out the announcement for Dire Hearts release so i can finally talk about it!
Whoo hoo!

So Dire Hearts is a brand new ongoing series that will be part of Sparkler Monthly from Chromatic Press! I am SO excited about this series and I really hope you guys will check it out!

At the prestigious Vector Arms Academy, boys are trained to be Knights of the Kingdom, skilled in physical combat–while next door at the Vector Magic Academy, girls are trained to be Casters, proficient in both spells and social graces. Students are expected to eventually choose a partner with the complementary skill to be their Dias, forming a working relationship that becomes a profound lifelong bond…and often leads to marriage.

For Rose, a Caster who can barely work the most basic spells, it ought to be a blessing to have Eigen as her Dias, since he’s a top student and a rare young Knight who can actually use magic. But instead it feels like a curse. Uncomfortable in her own skin and frustrated by her struggles with what society expects of her, Rose’s prickly relationship with Eigen is complicated by the fact that he seems to know something about her missing memories. What happened in the clock tower three years ago that led to Rose’s injured arm? Who was the figure in the shadows that Rose can just barely recall? And why does Eigen keep looking at her like that?!

Dire Hearts is a fantasy adventure comic at it’s core, there is romance- but also fighting, magic and boobies! So I’m not really aiming it at one specific demographic and I hope everyone will find something to enjoy :)
I’ve been working on this comic for almost 2 years now and I’m SO happy to finally be able to share it with you guys! *flails* So excited and so passionate about this project! I hope you’ll give it a chance :)

Sorry for the x-posting this is gonna be all I talk about for a while :x