Poor kid… I know all of us are hurting right now whether its a little bit or a lot but he doesn’t deserve this… It’s killing me, literally killing me that he’s with Taylor, but you know what he’s happy, so I’m going to put a smile on my face and act happy for him… We all love him and I know that none of us want to see him hurt so can we please just leave him be… He’s a fragile boy… We don’t know how far these words can push him… He’s just a kid… Why would you want to hurt him? It’s literally Impossible for me go hate him even if I wanted to… He’s a person with feelings and I’m pretty sure seeing all hi supposed fans hating on him is killing him more than anything… We never know what words or actions can end up pushing someone over the edge… And if we say the wrong thing it can get to a point where a lot of people will really regret it because then you won’t be able to take it back… Let him alone and be happy with Taylor if that’s what he wants, I know it hurt that he lied to us but he had somewhat of a good reason because he knew how many people would freak out because of it… I’m really disappointed that he didn’t tell us but life goes on and we are just gonna have to move on from this small bump in the road and continue with our lives and let him continue with his… #weloveyouharry #directionersareverysorryharry