Guangzhou's RK Puram connection

Getting a chance to be teacher-cum- facilitator at one of Guangzhou’s best schools with the best 30 students out of 1000 students in Grade-10, will forever remain as one of my best memories. It was an amazing time mentoring some brilliant, proud and arrogant students. It reminds me of the days at Delhi Public School- DPS RK Puram (India’s best School which has the best students from all over the country).

Even though I was a facilitator, all I did was just sitting there and watch them explain and solve everything among themselves. However, when they actually went off the track, it was a tedious task to convince and explain them because it was their ego (intelligence) somewhere that was being questioned by me. I could hear my voice getting louder and louder, because I had to somehow explain them that they were wrong.

Because if they were not ordinary students from an ordinary school, How can a student from DPS RK Puram be an ordinary one?!

11 December 2014


When my dad was waking me up at 7 today, I shouted out loud that I have my alarm set and I will wake up a bit late today (It was Sunday, come on). My alarm was set for 7:30 (Yes, that is considered late at a yoga-holics home).

And then he said that he was going to play cricket. It took me just a second to decide that I was certainly waking up. We played cricket after ages and I realised that I can still bowl at the same speed, just that my hands were paining because of a looong gap.

The day just continued as awesomely as it began. I had been driving 100 kms for the past 3 days, but today I drove 100 kms to the village. I passed through beautiful meadows, through a bit of hills, narrow lanes & risky highways. The village people are so much more welcoming than urbanites. I ate some amazingly sweet green peas and my favourite sugarcane. I asked my father that we should pay them, since we ate a lot of it. And my father told me that they will take it as an insult. It a tradition/culture in the villages to feed everyone bellyful. They didn’t do all this in greed for money. It was just their way of showing respect and being courteous.

Finally we went to attend a marriage at night where I was reunited with my cousins. At that moment I was really missing my brother. But then I still had my lovely sister Navya who was my perfect partner to eat everything there. I realised how our bonding had grown so strong in just few years (both of us are Dipsites, you know!).

Even though my hands are still paining while I write this (because of cricket), I believe that perfect days like these come once in a blue moon.

8 February 2015