I love how Kristen Schaal incorporates little easter eggs into the various shows she’s in.  Tiny connections like these really show how devoted she is to her fans and how much she really cares.  Kristen Schaal is a national treasure and by far one of most talented voice actors working today.

A realization about Into the Bunker

At the end of Into the Bunker, there’s the really cute/sad scene where Wendy lets Dipper down softly and Mabel and Soos come in to support him. But here’s a little detail about it I hadn’t noticed before…

Of course we remember this cute line in the last scene (before the credits gag)

It’s not much, but remember that the very next episode is the first one in the season with a certain rebound ship

It appears to be coincidence, I mean there’s no Dipcifica in this episode, it’s not like the writers were expecting us to view her as the rebound ship, was it??

Coincidence? By Alex Hirsch? I think not!