there’s a post going around about the new hobbit poster tapestry complaining that it’s sexist as galadriel and tauriel, the female characters, are shown without weapons and therefore in a weaker position than the males who are all battle ready and brave, carrying their swords n’ shit.

maybe it’s also sexist towards the men who are all portrayed as dim, brutish warmongers, whereas the women, having no weapons, are shown to promote intelligence, peace, and diplomacy.

or maybe,

just maybe,

they’re just fucking posters.

bluephouka said:

... I suppose there is this other thing where I began to pool skill points into diplomacy skills in any games that had them because I was terrible at games and games with a diplomacy option typically allowed you to completely avoid conflicts. I did kind of keep with this after a while when I figured out I could nonviolently diffuse situations and keep everyone alive, which ultimately felt kind of awesome. So in short I'm a fucking hippie.

oh man, how were you at Civ?

Beta dnd action report

> monk manages to seduce a wraith, failing a followup roll on the handjob

> the wraith, angry over a case of the blues, “produces” four mini wraiths. All with different afflictions with their dongs.

> the lawful evil rogue, who has, and I quote, “perky Bs and a sweet ass” reduces three of them and a”drains” them.

> I turn undead on the last one, nicknamed “captain hook”, and succeed so hard it explodes into ectoplasm and soul jizz.

> monk manages to natural diplomacy the big wraith, begging for a second chance.

> I was absent for two sessions to return to this.

Dossier: Illyria Lavellan 

Most of the time Illyria is pretty cheerful and laid back, dislikes responsibility so was reluctant to lead the inquisition at the beginning, but slowly grows into the role under the guidance of the advisors

she favors diplomacy and force, and gets along most with iron bull and sera. She is also a bit scared of cassandra and leliana because of their seriousness, and has a small crush on dorian. 

dual wield warrior/berserker that fights well with iron bull, both of them usually at the front lines dealing most damage


For roughly 4 cents an acre, the fledgling United States doubled in size with the Louisiana Purchase Treaty, signed 210 years ago with France on April 30, 1803.

Acting on orders from President Thomas Jefferson (who had put his doubts as to the constitutionality of the expansion aside) American agents James Monroe and Robert Livingston had planned only to negotiate for the purchase of New Orleans and Florida from France.  Instead they were offered the entire territory for the equivalent of 15 million dollars, an offer they hastily accepted.

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Josh from Union J in Boys by Girls issue 5 “Lessons”. Josh wears all Clothes by TOPMAN, all Shoes by KURT GEIGER.

Photographed by Cecilie Harris and styled by Chad Burton. Special thanks to The Powder Keg Diplomacy. View the sneak preview of the full feature and interview HERE.