motavatorbarbie07 asked:

You look like the kind of person who would get a chocolate milkshake to give to someone then drink it and of course have another one for them cause thats how you roll😎 you might drink that one too cause your perfect and wont gain any weight after eating french fries and dipping them in the milkshake

you had me at chocolate milkshakes

ohh man i love chocolate milkshakes 

thank you!! c:

me while I’m eating graham crackers dipped in white chocolate pb: I wish I had a hot toned body

on pocky and pepero
  • brother:so i was talking to my friend about it, and the reason we like pocky and pepero so much is because we grew up in yanyan and stuff, where you had to dip the stick in the chocolate, and pocky and pepero come pre-dipped.
  • me:we're lazy like that.
  • brother:but yanyan had the added fun of being able to scoop out the extra chocolate when you run out of sticks.