I started this a while back and finished the lineart. I really hoped I’d be able to colour this, but I’ve got too much on my plate that needs my attention more, so for now it will stay a line-art. I hope you’ll all like it anyway.

Crvincent sent me a very nice message and my lil’ agent couldn’t resist being an asshole back XD.

Geviana belongs to crvincent and Diovisus belongs to tpvincent. I hope you guys don’t mind me messing a bit with your characters. It’s made with all the love, all of it!

Master and Padawan - A Story in Five Acts

"I see now how important it is to be accepting of all life forms, Master Tolan."

"How was I supposed to know that was a slur! His head is shaped like a hammer. And I don’t choose— two mouths, okay? I’m not trying to be hurtful. It’s just… two mouths!"


"This sure will teach me not to jump to conclusions, master."

"I really thought he was the spy! He was acting suspicious. And, well, we may have made him stomp off, but it did flush out the real spy, so now we just have to follow him."


"Gee, Master Tolan, you’ve really taught me a lesson on rashly charging into things."

"Shut up, Diovisus. There’s only four of them. Only… six lightsabers between them. We have this."


"Wow. I know I’ll make sure not to bite off more than I can chew, master."

"Hey, did you know they had a platoon of soldiers? If you’re all-knowing, maybe speak up sooner next time."


"I hope you learned your lessons today, padawan."

"Oh, was applying a tourniquet under fire that lesson? Or brushing off Master Kennev, Endizha, and Meteor Squadron after they rescued us a lesson about ‘avoiding emotion and maintaining poise’ or something?"

"Go to your room."


Gevi’s Padawan, Diovisus. Because the husband doesn’t take any screenshots!

He’s stubborn and proud and energetic and everything Gevi was at that age. So she knows how to train him because remembers how her master trained her. Lots of rules, lots of boundaries and lots of the Padawan stomping around the ship going on about how something isn’t fair. 

She doesn’t, however, know how to deal with a 16 year old boy. The last 16 year old boy she knew she ended up breaking his arm and giving him a black eye and then went to live on his ship about two years later. 

I’m really liking Sai I guess.

Here is Gevi’s Padawan, Diovisus. He is your average 16 year old who thinks he’s going to rescue the princesses and the galaxy while he gets to wear a cape and have a lightsaber and eats Gevi out of house and home (Ship and ship? I don’t…know???)

He was passed around to different Masters (In the Jedi stories in game, apparently the Jedi has been trained by other Masters before coming to Tython sooo) but he was a bit of a problem child. Gevi will straighten him out, once she stops be so afraid of screwing up as a teacher.

Ahh, Jedi. Jedi are the best.

Diovisus is played by the wonderful husband! 


Someone requested screenshots, so I have screenshots.

Geviana Tolan, Avren Tolan, Gevi and Kerem Kennev (husband’s character), Vrek (not my character, a friend’s character) Gevi and Diovisus (husband’s character), Diovisus and Endizha, Kerem and Endizha, Endizha on her own, Professional Obisen, Military Obisen and Lord Kannik (husband’s character) and Apprentice Talmaine.

Most of them have tags, but I tag things that apply to them and screenshots. Tags are below! 

Teenagers scare the living shit out of me.


The Mirialan boy stuck his head out of his door. “What?!” When Geviana didn’t respond he decided to be a little more formal. “What, Master?” She still didn’t respond. The padawan rolled his eyes, grabbed his robes and threw them over his pajamas. Before leaving the room, he grabbed his lightsaber, well, the saber his Master had leant him, and clipped it to his belt. Master Tolan was pretty strict about making sure the first saber she ever got wasn’t lost.

He dragged his feet into the sitting room of the Credence and looked at his master. Dressed in baggy sweatpants, an overly large shirt with a faded Huttball team logo, Wampa slippers, she was anything anything but intimidating. But she had a scowl on her face and in her hands she held a datapad. Diovisus swallowed hard. He knew that look. This couldn’t be good.

“Diovisus. Care to explain your most recent HoloNet searches?” She waved the datapad in her hand.

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dragons-bones said:

Republic SIS managed to trace the package has having come from Nar Shaddaa, but the trail went cold after that. The accompanying note reads only, "From one ship enthusiast to another. Happy Life Day! -T. R." The gift box delivered to the 'Credence' contains a 1:48 scale model replica of an Aurek-class tactical strike fighter, detailed schematics, a box of chocolates from Coronet City's premier chocolatier.

Geviana’s feet were propped up on the Credence's front console as she waved her hand and watched the model ship fly through the air. Her other hand was busy picking up chocolates from the box and tossing them into her mouth, catching them with precision until she felt a twinge in the back of her mind. Her padawan stuck his head over her seat to look down at her.

"Hey Master! Can I have one?" Diovisus didn’t wait for a reply before grabbing a chocolate and popping it into his mouth. "Hey! These aren’t bad!"

Gevi’s focus was lost and the ship fell like a brick toward the console, but being a Jedi ment being quick. She held out a hand and it fell into her palm. “Hey, don’t eat those!”

Diovisous, ‘oblivious’ to his Master, grabbed one more. “Why not? They from Master Kennev or something?” He made a bit of a kissy face at Geviana and she swatted him aside. 

"For your information, my nosey little Padawan, it’s from someone I don’t know. Perhaps I have some secret admirer." The Corellian said the last remark sarcastically, but in the back of her mind, she actually hoped it was. She never had a secret admirer before.

Diovisus chewed his candy slowly. “D’ya think they are poisoned?”

There was a brief pause between the two Jedi as they looked down at the chocolate. 

"Naw." They both said in unison before grabbing another piece.