The House of Cleopatra and Dioscorides. Located on the island of Delos, Greece.

 ”Cleopatra, daughter of Adrastus of Myrrhinous, set up this image of her husband Dioscorides…” So reads the Greek inscription written on the state-base. As you may have already noted, these statues, and the house which contained them, were not owned by the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra VII. Rather, an Athenian couple, offering us insight into residential life on Delos during the 2nd century BC. ‘Cleopatra’, after all, is a name of Greek origin.

The house itself is fairly typical of the larger homes in the town’s Theatre Quarter district, with 12 rooms arranged around 2 open courtyards. The placement of these statues within the house may have been significant in relation to visibility from the streets outside, for the pleasure of their owners, or for impact on visitors to the household.

Recommended reading: Lisa Nevett’s Domestic Space in Classical Antiquity (2010). Photos courtesy of and taken by: Bernard GagnonHeiko Gorski, and Geraki

Folio 90V, a description of Mandrake

The Naples Dioscorides  preserved in the Biblioteca Nazionale di Napoli, is an early seventh century Greek herbal based on the De Materia Medica of the first-century Greek military physician Dioscorides (Dioscurides)containing descriptions of plants and  their medicinal uses.


Common Bush Hopper (Ampittia dioscorides)

Also known as the bush hopper, the common bush hopper is a species of skipper buttefly found throughout India and parts of Asia. Like most butterflies the bush hopper feeds almost exclusively on nectar which it finds on flowers and other plants. Also like all skippers the common bush hopper flies in a unique “skipping” pattern.



Image Source(s)

Canapa domestica e canapa selvatica dal Dioscurides Neapolitanus [Codex ex Vindobonensis Graecus 1] - Biblioteca Nazionale di Napoli

Dioscurides, Herbarium (De materia medica) - in greco
Ms. membr. sec. VI ex.-VII in., cc 172, mm 290x250, scrittura greca maiuscola biblica
Segn. Bibl. Naz. Nap. Ms. ex-Vind. Gr. 1 

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Bull Earrings, by Blessings To You! Jewelry

Since the Age of Taurus in neolithic times past, the depiction of the bull in fertility worship has been close to the heart of evolving human culture as far back as our DNA can recall. Named Asterion (the true name of the Minotaur of Thera) I wanted to pay my respects to the highly regarded icon of the sea faring nations of Ancient Atlantis. Bestowing luck in agriculture and according to the ancient writings of Dioscorides… Asterion required wreathes of cannabis as the offerings in temples of Ur. Draw down the cosmic power of the sun and remember our untold history throughout the aeons.

My friends know me well.

Herb of the Day for Sept. 13 is Cinquefoil

Herb of the Day for Sept. 13 is Cinquefoil

Herb of the Day


The roots have a bitterish, styptic, slightly sweetish taste and have been employed medicinally since the time of Hippocrates and Dioscorides. Cinquefoil is used as a mouthwash for “thrash” and taken for dysentery and diarrhea.     A decoction is odontalgic, used as a gargle for loose teeth, spongy gums and, periodontal…

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