I will make a great Dad 📓 (W/ Liam Mackay)


I had this headcanon that Okuyasu trains his stand’s precision so he can pull or erase small and specific objects instead of breaking lots of stuff at once. Eventually he would get so good at it he can remove a pencil off someone’s fingers during class without anyone noticing it. The Hand is fun for pranks, but also good for waking up Josuke who sleeps late. After tearing off his blanket Josuke knows he would get pulled next if he doesn’t get up in a second.

Recent Coffee shop sketches/ drawings, trying my hand on fountain pen ink, super fun!  Share the art! 

Note: hulk was not in the coffee shop.. although that’s how i feel when the service is too slow :D 

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My first commission piece! I never expected to be asked to create an original design, especially for my first request. 

I was asked to depict an earth goddess, but I wanted to have my own spin on the concept. In visual media, earth is commonly depicted as brown rocks with maybe a little bit of foliage thrown in. I wanted to show the earth in several forms, working its way up from the molten center, hardening, crystalizing, and eventually sprouting vegetation and sentient life.

It was a really fun experience!

so basically while im finishing up this commission im thinking of a list of things i would want to see in SR5:

  • clothing system like Saints Row 2 (with layering, different patterns, large chains, etc)
  • a HUB area like in Saints Row IV (where you can interact with your friends, and if they’re needed in a current available mission maybe they can talk about that or just not be there. also maybe their dialogue changes as you progress in the story its a thought)
  • Weapon Customization like in Saints Row IV again, because the weapons in that game were gold
  • the ability to name your Boss, specifically so it’s easier to find which playthrough you’re looking for if you have multiple characters instead of just loading up six different save states and hoping its the right one
  • pls bring back romances. i know they were mostly a joke in SR4 but i’m so thirsty

feel free to reblog and add more, but only like gameplay mechanics and features, not plot points or specific characters you wanna see back