My pieces for the DreamTeam show at the Q2 gallery space in Little Tokyo. Opening night was a lot of fun, but in case you couldn’t make it, the show will be up till May 24th! My larger framed pieces are still up for sale as well as smaller prints! 

With my pieces I really wanted to give the audience a sense of who I am as a person. I included my video game tennis players compiled in one piece as well as their power move forms which I’m calling their “Final Strike” forms. I have a love of cheesy 1960s surfing movies so I did a piece for one of my favorites, Gidget. I also did a piece for this random idea I’ve had in my head for over a year now involving a nun in the form of the Virgin Mary teaming up with a rugged cowboy to battle the undead.

To see the other pieces in the show you can go to the Qpop website http://qpopshop.com/main/?page_id=3182


Last character design assignment for the year! A lil’ kid and big owl who go on literary journeys. The second frame is a gross-up close-up frame of the same characters.

I’m a bit sick so I had to put this together quickly unfortunately… :’0 I’ll miss this class!


making an elf for my good buddy Ebba and it is FUN

Moss is built like a truck and mostly uses her body and weight to fight, especially her legs, hence the spurs and armor on her boots. Think Mexican wrestling with a bit of kick-boxing thrown in. The knife in the holster on her back is a keepsake from her mother and is mostly worn for intimidation, but she keeps it highly polished and sometimes uses it to reflect light into her opponent’s eyes to disorientate them. She only uses it as a weapon in extreme circumstances and as a rule she does not kill people (or at least she never has nor intends to).

She loves pretty things and telling terrible jokes :Tb