Don't Die


Caden chewed his lower lip. He stood in the dark living room.


Tears pricked at his eyes as the moonlight seeped through the blinds.


Countless insults fleeted through his fragile mind. Insults that were acquired at school, at the park, everywhere.

Why don’t you just kill yourself already?

Sighing, he held up the gun he held in his shaking hand. He is giving up now. His happiness is gone and he held no hope left. He held the barrel to his temple.

Annoying Freak!

He squeezed his eyes shut, held his breath. One simple finger-pull was all—
The doorbell rang. His eyes shot open. His breath escaped his lips. He didn’t move a muscle though. The doorbell rang again.

"Wh…who is it?" He asked shakily. His voice sounded sad and lifeless.

"It’s Tedd." One of the Caden’s tormentors.

The suicidal teen just stood in his spot.

"May I come in, I wanna talk."

Caden lowered the gun and made his way to the door. As he opened it, he kept the lethal weapon out of view. His face was covered was blotchy with red from crying. Tedd felt guilty.

"What do you want?"

"I’m sorry." Tedd answered quietly. "For everything. May I come in?"

Caden was hesitant, but moved aside.

"It’s dark in here."


The two stood quietly for a moment before Tedd broke the silence, noticing the gun.

"What were you planning to do with that?"

Caden said nothing and looked at his feet. Fresh tears were starting to spill. Strong arms wrapped around him. “I’m so sorry. I never thought it would be this bad.” He was crying too.

The suicidal wrapped his arms around the other in this less familiar kind of embrace.

"Please say you’ll forgive me. I want to be friends. You are so broken and I feel like I need to step up and stop hurting you the way I am."

The two stayed like that. The comforter and the comforted.

———1 month later———


Caden was smiling. Laughing.


He had friends now.


He had someone to love (thanks to his best friend Todd).

Why haven’t you kept texting back?

Caden had hope, life.


Caden got his wish.

And he couldn’t be here today if it weren’t for that one apology.


Suicide is all around us. Be careful of what you say to somebody because you can be the final one that makes them end their precious life. And if you or someone you know are contemplating suicide, it won’t make things better. I have had the same thoughts. Please let out your feelings to someone, I am here for you if there is no one to turn to. If you committ suicide, it’s a chain reaction for everybody involved around you.

So. Are you willing to kill not only yourself, but the others around you? Or will you choose to give one last fight for victory? Can you tell me how you are feeling today?

Many people will say, “Don’t ever trust hitch hikers! They may be killers looking for their next victim.”

Yet Arden Whaley was not at all frightened by the idea of letting a potential murderer into his car. He was excited by it.

As Arden mumbled words to a song that was playing, keep in mind the radio was actually letting out nothing but static, he could see a person in a plaid coat walking along the side of the road. He burst out laughing at an idea that cane to mind and slowed down when he got to the walking figure.

"Hey man, need a ride?"
Arden said, a wide grin was on his face and make the bags under his eyes more defined. The hitch hiker and thick brown hair and was a bit heavy-set.

"Yeah thanks." The hitch hiker said. The stranger opened the passenger door, checking his right hand pocket for the switchblade.

"Where to mister?" Arden chuckled. He was getting giddy for what was to come.

"The next city."

"Aye aye!" Arden replied and began driving again.
“So where are you from?”


"Ooooohhh, you’re a long way from home." Arden said. He began to have a light in his eyes that unnerved the stranger.

"Yeah…I am."

"I’m from Indiana. What’s your name?"


"Mine is Arden. Arden Whaley." Said the driver, he looked over at Wade.

As they made eye contact, Wade noticed that Arden’s eyes were showing a different smile than his mouth.

Wade reached into his pocket for the switchblade.

"I wouldn’t do that." Arden said. His voice hollow and his face completely blank. It was eerie. The radio static didnt help.

Wade gulped and reached over to turn the radio off.

"Does this song annoy you?" Said the driver. His eyes were daring Wade to touch the volume nob.

"I- I-" Wade was interrupted by Arden’s loud laughter and jumped.

"You are an interesting creature, Wade. You walk the country and kill the few nice people willing to pick you up yet you never give a single thought of whom you are with. Are they a mom? Dad? Brother? Sister? Aunt? Uncle? Cousin? Nephew? Niece?…. Lunatic?"

The hitch hiker’s blood ran cold at Arden’s last word.

Arden stared out the windshield, murmuring the words of a silent song.

"Whaley…can you uh…let me out here?"

Arden smiled again. Yet this time, it had a sinister look to it. “I’m afraid not, Wade. It is time to greet your ancestors in Hell.”

With that, he swerved sharply off the road, flipping the car a total of three times. The vehicle then crushed itself against a large tree.

Arden blinked. He looked at Wade, seeing a sight for sore eyes. The maniac sighed happily and rested his head back.

Wade had been partially decapitated during the incident. He wasn’t wearing his seatbelt so the nearly-headless corpse was lying at an awkward angle on the car’s ceiling.Wade’s head was hanging on by a small scap of sin and muscle.
Arden then paid attention to himself. He was satisfied that he only got a good few cuts, a minor head injury and a broken arm.

"Hmmm, Wade, I hope you have a good time where you’ve gone." With that, he fished for the dead man’s pocketknife and cut the head off. "In the meantime, I’m going to have a good dinner tonight. Sinner Brain Stew!"

He laughed maniacally, tossed the head out of the busted windshield, and crawled out using his good arm. He’d fix the appendage when he got home, but for now, he needed to worry about the head staying fresh.

The less congealed the blood, the better it mixed as a broth.

He then strolled away, singing the same song he sang the way here. “🎶They’re coming to take me away haha, they’re coming to take me away hoho, heehee, haha. To the funny farm where life is beautiful all time….🎶”

Be cautious with who you let be with you, because you may never know what their true nature may be until it is too late.
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