As I previously stated, Yoshi Sudarso - the new blue ranger for Dino Charge - is a huge tokusatsu fan.  Here he is having a huge fanboy moment with Mochizuki Yuta (red ranger from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger).

Please support Yoshi through his journey as Dino Charge Blue!  Even if you don’t like Power Rangers, support your fellow Toku Otaku!

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BLACK PINK POWER RANGER and BLACK SPIDER-MAN : Black Nerd talks about the first-ever black female Pink Power Ranger and Donald Glover voicing Miles Morales in Ultimate Spider-Man.

Ove jeseni ne propustite dva filma.
“Ponovo kreće grozota od škole” i njegov nastavak “Ko će sve to opravdati?”. Nadam se da volite horore.
—  Dino Ahmetović

I’ve talked about Shintaro babysitting a three year-old Kono before but please consider: Shintaro babysitting a three year-old Kuro.

Kuro throwing a huge fit every time he doesn’t get exactly what he wants, he just cries and starts throwing everything he can get his tiny hands on until Shin finally gives in and gives him whatever it is he’s after (usually expensive toys or being allowed to skip dinner and just have dessert).

I want a teeny tiny Kuro bossing Shin around, okay.

Always bothers me how the Bandai of America ‘roids up the male Rangers but keeps the females slender. I’d like a little consistency.

Another warm-up drawing for taking more commissions. Commission info here: