Rick: Good News! I got the control system back online. What’s the situation over there?
Regina: Its Gail! I lost him!
Rick: Heh! So what’s the bad news? Did you run into some guards?
Regina: You’re not going to believe this! He was attacked by some sort of Dinosaur!
Rick: Huu hooooo!! Now THAT’s a good one. So, who was it….Barney?
Regina: This isn’t a joke you idiot! We were just attacked by a big-ass lizard!!

Red Dragon

(2002)—“Dr. Frederick Chilton”

AH: They recreated the [original] set [of Silence Of The Lambs]. They had to make a whole wig for me. I had a buzz cut, because I was still doing Boston Public. We had our first meeting in Dino De Laurentiis’s office. When I walked in, Tony [Hopkins] saw me and he started dancing across the room, singing, “We get to do it again! We get to do it again!” He’s so silly. It was wonderful having the opportunity to work with Tony again. He actually had me come into the set while he was filming something of his and had me feed him the lines. He was very reassuring.

But the movie was really problematic, I thought. Because Manhunter is such a good film of that book, and what made it a good film is the guy who played the FBI guy, William Petersen, brought the weight of the world: a man who had seen the underbelly of society and had been deeply affected by it and changed by it. Whereas in Red Dragon, you had Ed Norton, who looks like he just graduated from high school. He’s got this exuberant, youthful, optimistic kind of demeanor. So I didn’t buy his character’s dilemma.