@realjonghyun90: Thank you to my colleagues and everyone who gave me courage to be able to take action. I hope this can become a video that will not just end with laughter, but deliver the essence of the cause. Please share your interest and love with not only those diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, but the many people who suffer from illnesses.


Dino Painted Models by Mauricio Fernandez Rosiñol

"I’ve been a dino fan since a little boy and Jurassic Park was the best thing that could happen when I was eleven. I studied a couple of semesters of the Molecular Biology Degree with future plans of specializing in Paleontology, but at the end Graphic Design was my way. Still after all these years dinosaurs have a special place in my heart. This is the first time I’m sharing this pictures, so will be the first time they’ll appear in a blog. Cheers from Ensenada, Baja California. ~ The sculptures were originally made by the Stan Winston Studio, casted by the model company Horizon and sold in hobby shops in 1993. They were assembled and painted by me. The paints used are acrylics and the eyes of the Raptor were replaced with ones made out of crystal, trying to match the ones from the movie. I don’t have a special site to show this work, because I’m kind of new in this area of painting dinosaur models. But after your words I’m considering putting an online gallery for them which i’ll let you know in the future."

Keep an eye out for this guy’s work. Absolutely beautiful!
Follow his twitter here for other awesome photos and work!

Ne razumijem ljude koji nemaju Tumblr. Gdje oni skriju sve svoje tajne svjetove?
Tumblr je skrovište duše.
—  Dino Ahmetović
And What Should I Call You People?

I keep calling y’all either “you” or “y’all” or “you all” or “people” and I feel like there should be a better way to talk to y’all.


So…what should I call you guys?


Should I call you my dinos?

Should I call you my rexes?

Heck, I’d call you minions, but that’s Misha’s thing.

What should I call you people?


dino-amber said:

*sighs lightly as I pick up my phone, dialling your number before putting my phone to my ear*

-sighs loudly, staring at his phone for a while, tempted to dismiss the call, letting it ring for a while before picking up-


Praznih ruku ostanete tek kad nemate koga zagrliti.

- Dino Ahmetović

Ljudi, ja vas volim! <3
Našao sam opet umjetničko djelo s mojim citatom. Sretan je onaj pisac koji ima ovakve ljude. Jesam li već rekao da vas volim? Jesam? Opet ću. Volim vas! :)

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