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EVerytime I see something like 'i'll have you begging gor my cock', I mentally say 'shut the fuck up'. Idk it's jus not attractive to me. It's always from some unattractive guy. Idk I feel like if it came from someone hotter, I would be more inclined. Am I shallow for that? I am #teamprettydick. I feel like I automatically think of a lot of people as a clit killer.

Pt. 2
“And yet I am the first person to be #teamslutidontcareiamreadytodonastythingsrightnowpleaseuseme. Momma oak these are your genes a work.”

*He can’t help but burst out laughing, slowly shaking his head as he grins at you.* Yes, you are definitely my child. #teamprettydick all of the way. And also #teamslutidontcareiamreadytodonastythingsrightnowpleaseuseme.

Why did I introduce them?

13:23 cerial-chan NO
13:23 Miyabi Damnit
13:24 cerial-chan Pls submit all future pets in mla format
13:24 Miyabi I thought I was the momma?
13:24 Miyabi Hahaha
13:24 Miyabi Noooo
13:24 cerial-chan you thought
13:24 M.Hayakawa I agree with that. I want a five page essay on why we’d need a new pet.

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May i pretty please have a letter?

Yes you may~.

Dear Little Acorn,

There is so much I could and have said to you. Can you believe it’s been two years that we’ve known each other? In one form or another anyway. I’ve seen you go through so much, I’ve seen you grow and change in positive and negative ways.

It seems like in the last few months you’ve given up on trying, in some ways. And it scares me as your friend and your adopted momma of sorts. Maybe before you were just less honest with me about how you were really feeling, but it seems like you’ve almost given up on yourself and it kills me to see that.

I love you and I want things to get better for you. If I could, I’d do all of the work you need to do, I’d take all of the pain and all of the struggle, but I can’t do that. As much as I want to help you get better, I can’t do anything more than support you and hope you can find that strength in yourself. I hope you know I’m always here for you.

Momma Oak