~Little everyday life hacks~

~make your bed after you get out of it
~keep your room tidy
~ if its not easy for you to wake up in the morning, make 3 alarms on your phone with three different tones
~ do your homework right after school thats when you’ll know the most about the stuff you learned that day and you’ll have the whole afternoon to do something else
~learn after Dinner for classes on the next day
~ if you cant remind something like vocabulary or so write it on a flashcard
~ take notes in classes
~ find a little time to workout each day it doesn’t have to be much the important thing is that you’ve done something for your body
~when you feel tired take little naps (30min - 1h)
~read a little bit to relax
~take your time in the morning
~ don’t skip breakfast!!
~ take your own lunch to school and don’t buy things at school it’s a lot cheaper and healthier to take your own lunch with you
~ enough water a day
~be with your friends

If you have questions etc just ask me☺️

the signs' favorite food

aries: grilled cheese
taurus: grilled cheese with a leaf on top, make it monterey cheese too plz  
gemini: grilled cheese
cancer: cheesiest cheese grilled cheese
leo: manly grilled cheese
virgo: lactose intolerant grilled cheese
libra: grilled cheese
scorpio: fuck the norm, grilled cheese
sagittarius: grilled cheese
capricorn: i make the grilled cheese
aquarius: grilled cheese
pisces: .. no thanks.. well maybe just a bite of grilled cheese