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It’s crazy how he pretty much uses the same voice for a lot of them and you never really notice.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to look at Fenix that same way ha. I even get dibs on him when I play the campaign with my buddies. 

You’re right though. If you look at all of em they aren’t that different at all. I want this guy to be the voice of my conscience

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I’m going to agree with Kacy, when I split with one of my ex’s I wasn’t completely over it at the time. Running in to her an seeing who she is now, I’m happy about it. We obviously weren’t going the same way and I don’t like who she is now.

Thats a bit different though. Over time you were okay with the break up. At least thats how it sounds to me.

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You sure you want to get sucked back into it? I’ve had similar situations where it just lead to disappointment. I don’t know your situation with your ex, I’m just speaking from my own experiences of course.

Thats why I’m just detaching myself when I reply. I know how she works and I’ve dealt with it before.

If she keeps texting me this week, at some point I’m just going to bluntly ask her what she hopes to gain.

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Oh god, that happened to me when I was riding the rails and got killed. I was just sitting in disbelief and then right when I’m about to restart it, it fixed itself

I let it run to see how long it’d last. When i made the video it’d already been going for about 15 minutes. I ended up glitching back in because an explosion happened close.

Its happened before but I just ended up falling through the ground and dying cuz I landed in water.

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I’ve gotten through Black Plague but not requiem. I got stuck and I hate looking things up on the internet. I had just started playing it again recently, got stuck again and ended up buying Amnesia haha.

I just got unstuck on Overture. Although I think I might be stuck again >.>

It has had some seriously terrifying moments though. It helps to allow yourself to get into it though.