I had a dream!

That Danila was on my roof getting interveiwed and at first I was like: Why is that God on my roof? Then I was like, “Oh my God Dimitri’s on my roof!” Then very slowly he looked at everyone with a crooked grin. “What you want me to say…” AND EVERYONE FUCKING TENSED UP LIKE, WAIT HOW THE HELL DID ALL THESE GIRLS GET IN MY BACKYARD? AND HIS VOICE IS LIKE THE PERF AMOUNT OF RUSSIAN IN THERE AND JUST HE SAID “Run.” AND LET ME TELL YOU. THE BACKYARD FUCKING JUST ERUPTED IN DREAMY SIGHS AND SCREAMS AND SQUEALS AND LIFE ITSELF SEEMED TO JUST BE COMPLETE. THEN THEN THEN..HE HUGGED ME AND HE WAS LIKE “It’s going to be okay…I’m here..Forever.” 

Then I woke up because the thunderous cheering was actually thunder. 

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Credit: deathlymoonlight

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Contrasting Colours

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Contrasting Colours

Illawara Flame Tree, Balmoral, Australia. (red, green)

Bird of Paradise in my garden, Sydney, Australia. (orange, blue)

Camelia in my neighbour’s garden. (pink, yellow)

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