Diminish and Ascend is a sculptural installation by artist David McCracken that, from certain angles, looks like a never-ending staircase.

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Domenic, I don't know you so this may all be conjecture. As I understand it you got to some pretty low points- I think most can relate. What did you do to catch your footing, do you feel like you're on the right path?

I don’t believe there is a right or a wrong path in this life. I believe this life is a long walk of pain, with many detours that can extend or can, for moments diminish this pain. I always tend to crack a smile when I’m creating music or any art or find myself jammed in a smelly van with a bunch of other jokers who have the same smirk. This life, like any has an expiration for better or for worse and like every life one day you have to look at yourself in a mirror and ask if you are content and comfortable with how you used this small part of time we are given here on earth.

More interesting things...

Okay so I was in the SU tab and someone had these images of Malachite.

So basically after Jasper realizes that Lapis tricked her the fusion begins to undo itself but Lapis is able to force the fusion to stay together. Isn’t that interesting how that that is possible even though usually when both gems conflict with one another the fusion automatically ends? 

When Opal realized she didn’t have the earth beetle Pearl and Amethyst quickly unfused and Alexandrite who was way too unstable diminished as well. So it’s interesting to see that one of the two gems can force the fusion to stay even though both of them are clashing. 

I recall before Garnet was revealed to be a fusion, someone suggested that maybe she was a prison fusion of a prisoner and the guard? Well guess what? Looks like Prison fusion are possible after all.

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You managed to remove the weak from your followers list through an april fools prank

tbh it was mostly an exercise to get me to feel better about losing followers

I get kind of worked up about my follower count, even when it’s just a silly fandom blog, so I was like “hey, what if I do a silly harmless april fools day joke (or like relatively harmless, I didn’t bring into account that ppl might be bothered by sudden, unexplained changes & I’m sorry about that) that will probably result in me losing followers bc they did not come here for unikitty pics, so maybe I won’t feel as bad about losing followers?”

my numbers may have diminished, but I will become stronger

(also I love unikitty)

It’s counterintuitive that something like a physical object that you can keep for a long time doesn’t keep you as happy as long as a once-and-done experience does. Ironically, the fact that a material thing is ever present works against it, making it easier to adapt to. It fades into the background and becomes part of the new normal. But while the happiness from material purchases diminishes over time, experiences become an ingrained part of our identity.
—  The Science Of Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things

I’m honestly SO FUCKING HAPPY Louis said I Won’t Mind was never for Four because it is SO CLEARLY Zayn’s voice and Zayn’s heart for Liam in the airwaves. No one else.

Making it 1D’s song would diminish the meaning and the impact that it was all for Liam.

Liam is who Zayn can’t live without.

Liam is who Zayn always wanted.

Liam is who Zayn pined for and messed around with and loved endlessly and silently and painfully until I figured it out and we finally found something we couldn’t live without.

Liam is who Zayn loves in the quiet and the dark that he can’t talk about, but will still get a body full of ink for, and vice versa.

And that is so beautiful and heart-wrenching to me. I wouldn’t have wanted the fans to be able to skew their love story within that song to fit anyone else (ahem…).

It is utterly Zayn and Liam’s. No one else can share that spotlight. For once they get a love song to themselves that fans don’t have to fight over who it belongs to.

Whether you hate the song or not, Zayn finally, finally gets to express his love for Liam in words that the whole world will hear and I think that’s breathtaking.

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some people know Gerard more than LynZ

yeah a lot of people do, that doesn’t make a point though. it doesn’t matter if you found out about lynz through gerard way, that doesn’t mean that should be her only indicator. and if you do want to list that as one of her indicators, avoid the passive voice. “X is married to Y” not “Y’s wife”, one statement is factual and true while the other is diminishing

Master Post of Sexual/Romantic Orientations

Disclaimer: I pulled a lot of these definitions from the internet. If you see a definition that isn’t correct or should be clarified, please let me know and I will update this list.

  • Hetero- attracted to the opposite gender (also known as “straight”)
  • Homo- attracted to the same gender (also known as “gay/lesbian”
  • A- attracted to no gender
  • Demi- attracted only after emotional bond has been established
  • Gray- attracted only under specific circumstances
  • Fray- attracted to someone they are not familiar with, attraction fades when they get to know the person (possibly considered opposite of demi-)
  • Litho-/Akio- experiences attraction, but dislikes it being returned (sometimes defined as attraction diminishes or is gone after it has been returned)
  • Recip-: Experiencing sexual attraction only after realizing someone is sexually attracted to you
  • Requies-: limited or no sexual attraction/interest/activity due to some form of emotional exhaustion. Emotional exhaustion may be the result of previous sexual endeavors and past experiences dealing with sexuality, or from something else just as emotionally draining.
  • Cupio-/Kalos- desires a relationship, but does not feel any attraction
  • Placio- when one wants to receive sexual/romantic acts, but not give them to others (opposite of litho-/akio-)
  • Apothis- someone who is sex/romantic repulsed
  • Abro- sexuality/ romantic orientation is fluid and/or constantly changing
  • Skolio-/Cetero- potential sexual attraction to non-binary identified individuals
  • Autochori- enjoys fantasizing about romantic/sexual events, but does not want to participate in them
  • Proqua- feminine person who is only attracted to other feminine people
  • Proquu- masculine person who is only attracted to other masculine people
  • Andro- sexual leaning towards males
  • Heteroflexible mostly hetero- with small amounts of homo-
  • Homoflexible mostly homo- with small amounts of hetero-
  • Multi- attracted to more than one gender
  • Pan- attracted to a person regardless of gender
  • Bi- attracted to two or more genders
  • Poly- attracted to multiple genders
  • Qui- one has a hard time telling the difference between types of attraction

See Gender Identities here

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Do you think love lasts?

I do. The people you love, you’ll always love and care for. Even if you don’t talk anymore. I believe true love does and can last. I have spent the last 3 years completely adoring one man and only wanting one man. Love lasts but love also fades sometimes unfortunately. Everyone is different. How you feel about someone when you’re 18 isn’t going to be the same way you feel about them when you’re 21 sometimes because love fades, diminishes and does change. That same admiration, lust, attraction and infatuation won’t be there but that love and deep care will be.

Raining on the parade

I really hate how I have become THAT person but I just read a transcript of the comments from Jared that allegedly confirmed that the parallel between Castiel and Colette was intentional and…I don’t see it as confirmation in any form or fashion.

If you see it that way, awesome! Run away from this post, run far away!

To me personally, it seemed that Jared was saying he saw the same parallel that the fans did but there is nothing to support that this was confirmation that it was intentional on the part of Robbie, etc.

Not diminishing the importance of Jared agreeing that the parallel was there and thinking it was intentional, of course.

I will be much more excited if we get a confirmation from J-Carver, Robbie or someone else in the writer’s room but I’m not holding my breath because, 10.05 aside, they don’t usually comment on or touch anything vaguely Destiel-related with a thirty-nine and a half foot pole.

Not to be completely negative though as I still am cautiously hopeful as to the direction the rest of this season might take…

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And say that anyone can be like you if they try hard. There are tons of us fat girls out there who try very very hard, whether you believe me or not. We are educated about nutrition and exercise and because of health issues and other reasons, the weight does not come off so easily. Please do not diminish my and other's like me's experiences because it is dissimilar to yours.


If you had bothered to see ANY follow up that I gave people who asked instead of attacked, one of the FIRST things I say is to seek help if depression is a factor. Guess what, one tumblr post is not indicative of an entire journey, nor is it always easy to water it down into something like that. I did make mention of attempts at my own life, or did you not read that part?

You’re talking about a very small percentage of the population that can’t lose weight, and by telling my story, I’m not trying to diminish them. If you think that telling people to treat themselves well and eat healthily is wrong, you have a few issues. My story is my own personal experience. I can’t adapt that to make you or people like you happy. I can only say what I know, which is all I’ve tried to do.

I can appreciate that I worded a few things poorly, but no one is perfect and I’m sure as hell the first person who will say that I’m not. If you want your personal experience represented, share it.

People like you who leave these asks seem to think I thought this would be shared around to the extent it was. In fact, I’m actually disappointed. One, because I’m sick of seeing my face pop up and two, because a week or so earlier I posted something my friend wrote about his experiences with being abused and how tired he is of people ignoring it. Do you even understand how much it breaks my heart that his story was all but ignored, when mine has gotten so much attention? That a human being suffering meant nothing to tumblr, but me criticising a movement that by and large says it’s OK to abuse your body is getting shared so much?

The thing is, I’ve had plenty of people contact me that HAVE PCOS or some sort of thyroid problem, explaining that it’s been a slow burn, but they’ve gotten there in time. I would rather those stories be shared, because I feel like they’re more valid than mine.

Ultimately, when I stood on the scales, broke them, and had to get another set to find out my weight, I never thought I could lose 5kg, let alone 50. It’s not exactly an encouraging number to see. So regardless of what you think of my story, there are plenty of reasons other people might find it helpful. Because being that heavy is fucking disheartening.

And you know what? I’ll say it. Given that it IS only a minute percentage of the population that will find it near impossible to lose weight, and I’ve gotten so many people telling me they can’t, I can’t help but think that at least some people are lying and making excuses for themselves. Funnily enough, plenty of people who have these problems and lost weight anyway have been THE MOST supportive people I hear from, and I have nothing but love for them.

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

We the heightened Giants of art,
we the praised but never compensated,
we the pigeon-holed arty fags,
the quipped-but-never-news-worthy few,
live somewhere between a warehouse and
the trunk of your daughter’s first car
But don’t be afraid, for we come in peace,
and pieces of ours scatter gently each campus,
our ashes brighten Berkley and Philly and Brown,
and never would we cause a stir,
where eyes ignore, and mouths diminish,
our words, our focus, our praise, our lives,
we the heightened invisible mass
who you see as mere expendable incomes


Pictured above is CCTV footage of Nicola Edgington purchasing a knife (also pictured) that she would later use to stab two strangers, killing one of them. 

Nicola Edgington had a violent history prior to being convicted of murder. In 2005 Edgington killed her 60 year mother by stabbing her death, a crime that was reduced down to manslaughter due to diminished capacity as she had a diagnosis of both Schizophrenia and emotionally unstable personality traits at the time of the crime. While she was hospitalised as a result of this violent act she was given conditional release in 2009.

While Edgington did have mental health problems, her insight into her issues were great enough that, when she began experiencing symptoms once again in 2011, she was able to recognise her failing health and begged for police to physically detain her under the mental health act. This is where apparent neglect came into play, as despite her violent history and the care plans in place to manage this risk, the hospital decided that a voluntary admission would be better. 

Consequently, she would leave the hospital later that day, through a door that should have been locked, and made her way to the store Asda, bought herself a knife and stabbed a 22 year old stranger. This woman managed to wrestle the knife from her. Edgington then stole a knife from a butchers shop, and proceeded to stab a 58 year old woman, who died within a minute of sustaining her injuries. 

Sadly, despite her history of mental health issues, and the consensus from psychiatrists that she had been suffering from paranoid delusions and hallucinations during the time of the attacks, the judge refused to acknowledge that she needed mental health treatment - citing a recent medical report instead.  For some reason the judge also used the random and unprovoked nature of the attacks as added proof of guilt - despite the fact that this is a common factor in crimes committed by people in the clutches of psychosis.

Edgington was sentenced to life in prison, of which she will serve 37 years.

I go to the Rose Quartz tag because maybe I want to see some cute artwork or discussion about her character.

And yet all I get is bitching about some random artist who apparently drew her skinny. And in the end, I NEVER EVEN SEE THE SKINNY ARTWORK. Just dozens of “don’t diminish fat representation” posts.

Good grief

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ok but all of fresh off the boat is a joke it offends everyone so that there's humor so like calm down about them making a comment on a stereotype if you don't like it then make the stereotype of being greedy diminish as a whole and stop watching the show lmao

“if you don’t like it then make the stereotype of being greedy diminish as a whole”

what????????? get the fuck out of here w that shit