Actually overheard yesterday
  • P1:My one friend has a strict no-dating policy
  • P2:Oh, well good for her, she's an independent woman!
  • P1:Haha, well he's a guy.
  • P2:Ohh, so like it's a fear of commitment thing.

antifeministarmy asked:

How can anyone stand for a hate movement that degrads men and is full of rape apologists and sexist idiots? Also, "Manslation" is a sexist term. It would be like me using "womanslation" or "trans-slation".

Manslation: How can anyone stand for a movement that fails to recognize men as superior beings? Also, I’m going to pretend I care about eradicating sexism while posting sentences like this on my awful blog: “Anyone who has had sexual intercourse multiple times with different people each is a slut.” I’m a nice guy tho!!!

Been in this kind of mood for well over a year. (and I have a marvelous excuse. In-laws, need I say more.) No one has a good enough excuse not to enjoy my presence unless I don’t like your existence. Does that make sense? I don’t dislike many people, I give everyone a chance. You mess up, I give you one more chance. 3 times the charm, it’s a “fuck you dickwad” to the moon and back after that.

Mean Jeans

Look at these fucking assholes.  Just look at ‘em.  THEY’RE FUCKIN’ TUFF!  DO YOU LIKE TO PARTY?  THESE JERKS LUV TO PAR-TAY!

You’d think the way scenesters suck these guys off, they were getting free beer, instead of herpes.

The only good that’ll come of this trio is that someday I’ll make some bread selling their 7”s to some dipshit on eBay.  Or I’ll make some kid cry by using them for Frisbees.

Look up the word “dillweed” in the OED; you’ll find a picture of Mean Jeans.

I’m fucking done with it.

An open letter to the Dillweed who played through The Order: 1886 in six hours

People who rush through games much like yourself are the reason game developers and the gaming community in general feel rushed to push out new things as fast as they can.. You are the glutton of the gaming world and you and everyone else like you should be treated as the outliers you are when a game is under review.


First of all, kudos to you for trying this shit again, K. I am impressed you figured out how to use Anon this time. Very smart.

Secondly, this is NOT fake. The dom leader did post this, but the context is misconstrued.

The organizer meant it as a “have fun with this PROFT push, and profit as much as you can.” If you continued to read the thread (what K and her “brother” conveniently left out) it is very clear that it is a profit push.

No where did the organizers say it was a conquest push. Only a profit push. 

But you know what? Good job trying to stay in the spotlight and your attempt to save face. But…

Really, dillweed, you should know better to rehash the same shit when you have already been shut down.

ok I got tagged by starr—child to do this thing where I answer 11 questions and ask 11 more and then tag people so on and so forth

1. how was your day?
ok but tiring and I’m sorta worried
2. what is your fave subject in school?
art followed by English
3. fave song?
idk it fluctuates rn it’s probably something from the album Very Good Bad Thing
4. hows the weather?
cold and windy
5. gay?
well yeah
6. what color is your room?
at my moms it’s black and white and green and at dads it’s blue with dark waves painted on it
7. why did you get a tumblr?
to make an rp blog for my first fandom
8. are you self confident?
depends on the day
9. what makes you really mad?
people acting like dillweeds, and The Dress
10. the dress meme needs to be destroyed 2015 already..
tru tbh
11.is Aron irl hinata shouyo?
probably they’re shORT ENOUGH

and my questions for you guys are
1. are you a cat person, dog person, or bird person?
2. how many plants are in the room with you right now
3. how many plants would you /like/ to be in the room with you right now
4. what’s the first fancy color you can name
5. favorite holiday?
6. has anyone been annoying you recently
7. favorite swear word?
8. what do you do to relax
9. do you have a favorite vine if so what
10. what food do you absolutely hate
11. favorite music album?

and I tag satanizer kaaramel star-core and elf-spit bc most of my other mutuals were already tagged but if you guys are busy or don’t want to forget about it

anonymous asked:

Did you get your computer back? Your mother interfering with your school work is ridiculous no matter what you did. That's your future she's screwing around with. Sorry for this random message, I just think you're super talented, and that someone (let alone your own parent) is getting in the way of your education and endangering your grades makes me angry :C Your stuff is great and you're getting better all the time. I wouldn't want to see anything keep you from what you're obviously meant to do

yeah, i did, real late last night! it’s a bummer! i had a looot of animating to do…and even though i’ve got my bits back, i’m all frazzled and i don’t know if i can work at all right now! my parents can be real dillweeds. it was all over a stained jacket! i go to art school, so it is kind of hard to avoid that…yikes.

thank you for this message! makes me real happy to see that people care! :^)



Patrick St. Michel: Momoiro Clover Z have always been the most ambitious pop group in Japan since the “idol boom” kicked off in 2009. Most fledgling outfits zeroed in on one niche — occult rock! steampunk! — and hoped for the best, but Momoiro refused to settle for one theme. In particular, they mined Japanese pop culture, appropriating super sentai and appearing live with beloved anime theme song singer Mitsuko Horie. This devotion to the past has been a boon — taking cues from Sailor Moon’s visuals — and a curse, evidenced last week when they Kirby-absorbed ’80s doo-wop dillweeds Rats & Star and gained the ability “blackface.” Before that, though, they teamed up with KISS and… made a mediocre song with a surprisingly unmemorable video. Its catchy enough, with just enough stickiness come the hook, but nothing more. Which makes sense, considering all of this is just a stunt to drum up ticket sales for a KISS concert in Japan (guess who’s opening?). This is Momoiro at their least ambitious.

Abby Waysdorf: Quite frankly, I give this points because I like that it exists. I also give it points because it reminds me of “Hard Rock Hallelujah,” mixed with the theatrical darkness of The Bolshoi or Theatre of Hate. It could do with some tightening — Eurovision’s three-minute restriction is one of the things that makes “Hard Rock Hallelujah” work so well — but it’s still pretty delightful, so who really cares?

Iain Mew: In the best cases, Momoclo have exploited synergies between idol pop and metal to magnify the extremes of both, reaching exponential heights of awesome ridiculousness. This businesslike product of their current collaboration suffers from the fact that the moments where KISS come through aren’t connected to the rest of the song; it comes off more like a hostile takeover than a joint venture. Still, while it wastes Momoclo it pays off for KISS, making their bits sound raw and vital in a way they wouldn’t alone.

Maxwell Cavaseno: Momoiro Clover Z continue to do everything at once while KISS don’t do anything but still manage to get paid. The universe expands and contracts before settling once more.

Brad Shoup: Not totally crazy about the music from the elders: they never riffed as well as they chanted, and dang could they chant. The rhythm section’s laying hard-rock rivets, and Momoiro are just as at home riding those as they are with the cocaine-cowgirl bridge. I guess there was some leftover “Live and Let Die” orchestration?

Katherine St Asaph: They’re metal all right: big hunkin’ lunkin’ slabs, reassembled with rivets and aluminum-coated cheese, with force of will and absolutely no human parts. Momoiro Clover Z are also on this; they’re great.

Madeleine Lee: 90 seconds of an anime opening sequence is usually enough Momoclo for me, but I like how this one develops. It helps that it’s shorter than most of their other multi-movement singles, and the presence of one of the most chorus-minded rock bands ever keeps things chugging along, with the brass adding unexpected warmth. At times it sounds like a particularly well-made mashup, which I think is the goal of this collaboration, anyway.

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atwosecondburn asked:

i think you're a daddy kink loving dillweed. but really i think you're like one of maybe three good kurt rpers and even when you disappear for like three thousand years i'm still really eager to read whatever you're writing because you're funny and amazing and wow i just love you a lot.

daddy kink loving dillweed