Day four of KH Week

A scene that makes you laugh: Lea and Isa in BBS

Sorry about the cruddy gif size, it was the best one I could find, but this scene was too perfect to let that stop me. It’s in the credit sequence of Birth By Sleep, and it just sums up Lea and Isa’s relationship perfectly. Lea is struggling and trying to free himself and Isa just looks fed up that Lea dragged him into trouble again. And the way Dilan literally just throws them is priceless. 

|Closed RP with whirlwind-lancer-dilan|

Xeria heads down the street towards the bakery where her brother works with his friend who she hasn’t gotten to meet yet. She just got off from her morning classes so she decided to stop by and see Xigbar and maybe meet the friend she’s heard about. She smiles when she sees the quaint little shop.

Opening the door so the little bell rings, she closes her eyes and breaths in, loving the scent of all the pastries. A new scent reaches her nose. She opens her eyes and steps up to the counter looking through the glass and trying to figure out what the new smell is. She seems something labeled apple fritters. That must be it. She’s so focused on looking at the pastries she doesn’t notice the man come out from the back where the kitchen is.