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What an amazing year! A big thank you to everyone who helped make such a vast improvement.

Special thanks to our interns, professor Anne McKnight whose wisdom and connections proved vital to our success, Wynbrandt Farms and Steven Wynbrandt for the amazing bio-dynamic compost that made all the difference as well as his knowledge he passed onto us, and to the programs that helped fund this project: the UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative and The Green Initiative Fund.

Facebook Event:

FREE MUSIC - Four hours of student bands, an alumni band and The Dustbowl Revival. 

FREE FOOD - Free catered deliciousness for bikers and volunteers brought to you by UCLA’s very own Student Food Collective (SFC). Peddler’s Creamery and the Green Truck, a food truck with a solar powered kitchen, will be selling food.

FREE SMOOTHIES - Student-built bicycle generator and solar panel will power a blender to reward bikers and musicians with a smooth lil somethin somethin.

FREE SCIENCE - Learn how bicycle generators simply convert people power into electricity. Many components of the bicycle generator are similar to processes used in solar, wind and geothermal energy production.

FREE ACTIVISM - This is a chance for UCLA students to be directly involved in renewable energy by literally producing it ourselves to power a concert that is 100% off the grid. Let’s give UCLA a little taste of our fossil fuel free future and a reminder of how powerful people can be together.

FREE WORKOUT - Rather than being trapped inside the gym staring at stucco, 8 students at a time will werrrrkit to power the entire sound system using bicycle generators from Rock the Bike and have front row seats to an outdoor concert.

FREE LIGHT SHOW - Following the sunset at Sunset, Rock the Bike’s system will launch into a crazy bike-powered light show to accompany the music.

FREE PRIZES - Jazz Reggae tickets and more exciting prizes TBA for bikers and teams.

FREE FILMS - The UCLA Bike Coalition will be screening several films from their short film competition. Contact the Bike Coalition to have your film featured between music sets.

FREE ART SHOW - Finalists from E3’s Sustainable Art Competition will have their art on display. Artistas, apply by May 22 for a chance to be on display!

FREE YOGA - Innergy at UCLA is bringing a free yoga class from 6:30-7:00pm to Ecochella taught by UCLA’s own Marc Nguyen.

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Shoot us an email at or search for the appropriate Ecochella team leader here:

Ecochella is also celebrating Bob Dylan’s 72nd birthday party.