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What an amazing year! A big thank you to everyone who helped make such a vast improvement.

Special thanks to our interns, professor Anne McKnight whose wisdom and connections proved vital to our success, Wynbrandt Farms and Steven Wynbrandt for the amazing bio-dynamic compost that made all the difference as well as his knowledge he passed onto us, and to the programs that helped fund this project: the UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative and The Green Initiative Fund.

Facebook Event:

FREE MUSIC - Four hours of student bands, an alumni band and The Dustbowl Revival. 

FREE FOOD - Free catered deliciousness for bikers and volunteers brought to you by UCLA’s very own Student Food Collective (SFC). Peddler’s Creamery and the Green Truck, a food truck with a solar powered kitchen, will be selling food.

FREE SMOOTHIES - Student-built bicycle generator and solar panel will power a blender to reward bikers and musicians with a smooth lil somethin somethin.

FREE SCIENCE - Learn how bicycle generators simply convert people power into electricity. Many components of the bicycle generator are similar to processes used in solar, wind and geothermal energy production.

FREE ACTIVISM - This is a chance for UCLA students to be directly involved in renewable energy by literally producing it ourselves to power a concert that is 100% off the grid. Let’s give UCLA a little taste of our fossil fuel free future and a reminder of how powerful people can be together.

FREE WORKOUT - Rather than being trapped inside the gym staring at stucco, 8 students at a time will werrrrkit to power the entire sound system using bicycle generators from Rock the Bike and have front row seats to an outdoor concert.

FREE LIGHT SHOW - Following the sunset at Sunset, Rock the Bike’s system will launch into a crazy bike-powered light show to accompany the music.

FREE PRIZES - Jazz Reggae tickets and more exciting prizes TBA for bikers and teams.

FREE FILMS - The UCLA Bike Coalition will be screening several films from their short film competition. Contact the Bike Coalition to have your film featured between music sets.

FREE ART SHOW - Finalists from E3’s Sustainable Art Competition will have their art on display. Artistas, apply by May 22 for a chance to be on display!

FREE YOGA - Innergy at UCLA is bringing a free yoga class from 6:30-7:00pm to Ecochella taught by UCLA’s own Marc Nguyen.

Check out the website for more info:

Shoot us an email at or search for the appropriate Ecochella team leader here:

Ecochella is also celebrating Bob Dylan’s 72nd birthday party.

UCLA is just getting the foundation down with the Dig gardens (at Sunset Recreation Center and the North Campus Center Terrace), UCLA Dining Garden, and Medicinal Gardens popping up within just the past couple years and really taking off in 2013.  UCLA is set to expand food growing on campus, as is Los Angeles.  

Take a look at some of the community gardens that currently exist in LA at this awesome story on the LA Times website. Get inspired! Start your own backyard, school, or community garden! Don’t hesitate to reach out to Dig for assistance!