teeething aka  lynn nguyen

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NB: The “friendly tumblr” has closed your, our  blog: ASYLUM ART!  We ask urgently  to 164000 subscribers  “asylum-art”, kindly to subscribe to the blog: asylum-art-2 please! Suspended for some complaints… compared to 22,000 artists plublications since 4 years of hard work.! We hope you will come back in numbers, and happy to see our publications. For this new beginning … We thank you in advance for your subscriptions, and know that we will do everything to bounce back with pride.

  • Sorry about get this message constantly; but the curator person is still in shock, we will help it as much as possible. Never make fun of the interest that people give to their passion. This blog belongs to a french inoffensive person, physically disabled and partially sighted. Just to explain that his work was worthy, and his passion for this blog helped her overcome a life of pain.

Thank you for  follow us! ASYLUM  ART