Digital photo manipulation

Within the whole media business digital photo manipulation, has become one of the most commonly used editing tool. This type of tool is to take a photograph, and change it to a professional photograph. Digital photo manipulation also can mean Photoshop and can be recognised in different things, such as magazines and advertisements.

Some photo editors go over the top and make big changes like, weight loss and more. But most photo editors manipulate simple things, like wrinkles or spots etc. or even simpler things like exposure or removing red eye. Most fashion photographers take the blame for drastically changing the bodies of the models or the celebrities by using different tools on Photoshop, so they can make them look skinnier than they actually are. This sets a bad example to the public especially the younger ones because, if they see their favourite celebrity in the magazine looking thin, they will go onto extreme dieting to get that way which is really bad for their health.

Digital photo manipulation is known to be a type of art. There is an amazing photographer who is a great example is called Julian Opie. Julian Opie does Opies of people; one of his most famous pieces of work was of the band Blur. He designed one of their album covers.