steadythugin said:

last 5 songs you downloaded?

Downloaded uhh

Swimming Pools (blackHippyrmx) - Black Hippy

collect calls - Kendrick Lamar

County building blues - Kendrick Lamar

Lac Lac - Big KRIT

Steps - Big krit

ion really be downloadin much shit cause i use spotify

digitalfl0w said: 

what about a supra? you always see them being dragged but never raced as much as anything else. Dont they handle as well?

the mkiv definitely does. one of its main appeals(IMO) is that it can handle just about any task, but since the 2jz is such a powerhouse and can handle soo much power, you see more people building them up to go in a straight line than you do to go around a track.

digitalfl0w replied to your post: Broooo do vl0gs xxxx

Why would I do vlogs????? O.o

1. My life isn’t interesting enough to be publicised.

2. I don’t have the self confidence to talk around all day with my arm outstretched, holding my phone/camera in a perpetual selfie configuration, talking to myself.

I actually did do a questions video years ago. I might consider doing another one, if people promise to actually send me questions haha