sometimes, crying is the only way our eyes can speak when our mouth cant explain how broken our heart really is.


SnK Magazine: Erwin
If Shingeki no Kyojin was a magazine!!
And I will be doing maaaany more of these, so we’ll see who’ll be he next cover girl :D
Even though Erwin isn’t my favorite character… for some reason I just love drawing him!

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Alexander Skarsgård, Kristen Wiig & #TheDiaryofaTeenageGirl are featured in the February 6, 2015 issue of The Hollywood Reporter

Photos are by Austin Hargrave for THR. 

[I’m not sure if Alex’s photo will be featured in the print issue as his was a ‘bonus photo’ after clicking on Kristen’s in the digital issue.]

Their video interview with Marielle Heller and Bel Powley is also included in the digital issue.


Comet Summoner is a cute action game released by Compile for their digital magazine Disc Station in 1998 for PCs.

Based on the popular Puyo Puyo/Madou Monogatari series, The player controls the Witch as she goes from stage to stage eliminating puyo blobs and fighting the typical stage boss. The player is armed with a broom that can attack enemies up close and magic ring projectiles to shoot at foes. 

Additionally, the Witch also can collect stars that she can use to throw at puyos. These stars are explosive, and if you throw them at other stars or certain enemies, you will cause explosive chain reactions which are very useful for clearing stages quickly and getting high scores!

The game itself was made for Windows 98 computers, but it is tested to run fine on Windows 8.1 with no problems!

[Gameplay Video Here]

[Download Here]

grunge/ lucid ☯


record fun


my future partner is probably texting their bae right now about how they’re gonna be together forever. sike, see you in ten years bitch

♡ “LIES” ♡

My eyebrows when they’re not done make me think that I’m part human/part owl🐧(I just realized either I can’t find the owl emoji or their just isn’t one. Work on this Apple.😂)

"why do you always wear black"
cause i’m ready for ur funeral bitch

Hey, Jennovianators(that’s what I’ve decided to call you guys because we are one big group of awkwardness in unison💗) I’m having a meet up @ Rockaway Townsquare(Mall) on VALENTINES DAY at around 2PM outside of Forever 21. The address is: 301 Mount Ave, Rockaway, NJ.
Let me know if you can come by tagging me on INSTAGRAM. (Username in profile) LETS SHUT DOWN THE MALL PEEPS!🐣🐥💘