Cósmica Y Sus Huevos is an editorial for La Monda magazine. This is Dani Aristizábal’s portrayal of the creation of the universe, which hatches from a primordial egg, in line with the viewpoint of some ancient cultures.

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Fabian Oefner  Iridient  Photography

Bursting Soap Bubbles

Captured with High Speed Flash Units, the images show soap bubbles in the moment of bursting. In the first few images, you can still see the bubbles intact, few instants after their creation. In the last pictures, you see how the thin film of soap starts to dissapear, leaving behind countless tiny drops of soap water. If you would like to know, how these images were captured, please visit

the making of on

Theme of the Week | Collages

Using pieces of patchwork and clippings of color, our artists have complied a collection of unexpected juxtapositions perfect for the art collector in search of the unique. It’s the only place where owls have opposable thumbs and city centers are also mountainous landscapes, where pin-up girls are taller than towers and astronauts explore phone booths. Take a tour of their atypical assortments – just don’t be too disappointed with your surroundings once you’re back in reality…

"Eyes on the Prize" | Limited Edition Canvas Print

"Just Say Cheese!" | Numbered Fine Art Print

"Tapir" | Limited Edition Fine Art Print

"Unrelenting Sugar Affect" | Numbered Fine Art Print

"Blooming New York" | Numbered Aluminum Print

"Adaptation" | Limited Edition Fine Art Print

"The Surprising Truth About How the Pyramids Were Built" | Numbered Fine Art Print

"The (Make Up) Artist" | Limited Edition Aluminum Print


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Raphaël Vicenzi is a self-taught artist living in Brussels. His works are influenced by fashion, handmade typography, street art and graffiti. He aims to create vivid & beautiful imagery, which are a reflection of his inner thoughts and mood. Sometimes his works explore more chaotic & darker themes but as life and light would not exist without darkness, he always strives to strike some form of balance between opposites.

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