and-no-one-ate-dinner-that-night asked:

I have a question on art stuff. When you are shading digitally, do you use a midtone to transition your darkest color to your base tone? or not? I find digital coloring pretty difficult.

It depends on how realistic I want it to look I suppose. If I’m going full shading, I’ll mix a few to use like this one of Liara. I’ve used three different shadows with the big blobs serving as my first step of the shadow, literally anything slightly dark, then the next step darker I use to get into the little lines and creases.

This is more often what I do, mix a warm and cool shadow, a neutral kinda one and (not shown) make a slightly darker step for in the creases. The highlight is usually one colour but sometimes I’ll mix two if I feel adventurous. There isn’t really a rule to it. I prefer to have a “purple” and a “brown” as my shadows – the purple is usually my favourite. I love colour!

This is some pretty basic shading, the hair (as you can see) got more attention than anything else just by going off the palette.

I usually end up with one layer or another somewhere with some swatches that I never really know why they’re there but who cares.

My trick though, is once you have gone over your figure you put all the layers comprising of them (so your lineart and colours + shading) and whack them into a single folder.

It’s a good way to establish depth and angle without pissing yourself over matching hues and all that crap. Play around with your colours and figure out what works for your work :)

For the first time in years I actually had the courage to do a painting of someone from my main story. Who knows, maybe it’s a sign I can finally continue working on it? Her name is Aria.
There’s probably plenty of mistakes in this but I don’t care because this actually means I’ve started to paint again. Weeeee~ go away burnout!

P.S. thanks for destroying the quality, tumblr