Since it was requested and since I have never seen anyone going into detail about Harihara and Jenna yet here is an indepth article about Harihara.
DDS Spoilers:

Harihara (हरिहर) unites the aspects of Vishnu (Hari) and Shiva (Hara).
Harihara is also called Shankaranarayana (“Shankara” for Shiva, and “Narayana” for Vishnu). The nature of this union differs from school to school, depending on the interpretation of Shiva’s and Vishnu’s role.

Harihara is usually depicted with four arms.
Two of them are Shiva’s (the ones with the trishula (trident) and damaru and the others are Vishnu’s (with a shell and chakra-wheel).
Usually the deity’s head-covering consists of a mitre-type hat (the attribute of Vishnu) on one side and twisted locks of hair (the attribute of Shiva) on the other.
The Shiva half will sometimes wear a tiger skin, a snake and the crescent moon in the hair. The Vishnu half will wear jewelry (world order).
It’s a harmony of two extreme aspects of the Hindu world view: on one hand ascetic lifestyle, wilderness and destruction embodied with Shiva and on the other hand responsibility, maintaining and preserving embodied with Vishnu.

Usually Shiva is portrayed on the left/white side and Vishnu is portrayed on the right/dark side.

However I have also seen it the other way around as well. In DDS Shiva is portrayed as the black side and Vishnu as the white side.

Comparing this to Jenna:

Jenna in design already shares a lot in common with Harihara. Her hair is black and she is dressed in white.
Also notice that Jenna is Sera’s mother and father thus this as well as her Harihara avatar is basically a contrast to Seraph (Serph and Sera fusion) and Seraph’s avatar Ardha who both refer to Ardhanarishvara (Shiva and Parvati fusion).

The Vishnu form also looks like it wears Hakama which is mentioned in the design notes. Jenna’s skirt/trousers kinda looks like this as well.

The Vishnu and Shiva form also do include references to Vishnu and Shiva:


The attack Vaikunta is a reference to Vishnu :

Vaikuntha is the place in which Vishnu rests with the snake Shesha along with his consort Lakshmi.
From this spot he descends as an avatar. Vaikuntha for worshippers of Vishnu/vaishnavas is the aim and spot after obtaining moksha this means after breaking free from the cycle of samsara. It’s on Mt. Meru and consists of gold and jewelry and the river Ganges flows there.

Vaikuntha Chaturmurti or Vaikuntha Vishnu is also a Vishnu icon, mostly found in Kashmir. The icon represents Vishnu as the Supreme Being with three heads.


The attack Bhairava is a reference to Shiva.

Bhairava, (the terrible or fearsome) is the destructive/ annihilating incarnation of Shiva.
He is always portrayed as aggressive. He usually has Shiva’s attributes like the trishula and the damaru, however often also a sword or the severed head of Brahma. Sometimes he is accompanied by Dakinis, dogs or shown in union with Kali.


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