Nuove norma per la gestione della Digipod Golden di SDA

  Nella costante ricerca di soluzioni tecnologiche per facilitare la gestione delle spedizioni, SDA informa che la prova di consegna del servizio Golden Service sarà disponibile, sempre gratuitamente, in formato digitale: le Digipod Golden, potranno essere visualizzate e scaricate …

Leggi l’articolo completo qui: http://www.tuttospedizioni.it/corrieri/sda/nuove-norma-per-la-gestione-della-digipod-golden-di-sda/

The “Digipod” is simply a digital 35mm film cartridge, that once adjusted, will fit most still SLR cameras

There seems to be a solutions abrewing!

This looks amazing, and is something that I feel will be of massive interest! There are even updates now so you can change the sensor yourself to upgrade if you wish and you can shoot in RAW!

It is currently on a Crown Funding site as he is trying to fund it.

Looks like an amazing idea and very simplistic!

There is no live view and no preview, so it is like using actual film, without the cost!

What do you guys think? Would you be interested in a product like this?