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Who's your favorite digimon?

My favourite Digimon is this asshole:

I love this character. Out of all of the Digimon with which I am actually familiar, Diaboromon is the only one that strikes me as both a literal and unintentional metaphor for an actual online presence or behavior resulting from human activity - “internet hate” in this instance. Canonically Diaboromon is the result of hateful and aggressive human behavior in cyberspace coalescing into a malevolent Digimon (Kuramon), who then just goes around fucking shit up for everybody because it can or, depending on how you interpret its character in OWG, because it has no sense of consequence (sound familiar?). Aesthetically, I find Diaboromon to be one of the better, most easily-read and striking designs for a Mega-Level Digimon. It still looks ridiculous but it’s not laughable. Plus, I think the cables that make up its arms and neck are a constant reminder of its ties to being a figure born on and via the internet (a series of tubes), which I think is pretty neat. I’m disappointed that Diaboromon hasn’t made any big appearances since OWG; what Diaboromon “represents” metaphorically still holds as much relevance in 2015 as it did in 1999 / 2000, it’s not like assholery on the internet has gone away or gotten better. It’d be super cool if it reappeared in Digimon Tri.

As an aside, Diaboromon is the only Satan-inspired Digimon that I’ve seen that doesn’t make my eyes roll a mile. Other Digimon (that I’m specifically familiar with) that share the Lucifer or Satan theme are super obtuse in their representation, no subtly at all. Not to say Diaboromon is too subtle itself, but its inspirations / behaviours are more indirect - RE: evil in the hearts of man and etc., instead of “look it’s Lucifer.

Plus, look at this face:

Can you say “no” to such a face?

I didn’t think so.

(Immediate second is Tanemon, because it is an adorable bean patty.)

Okay, but can we talk about how amazing Hida Iori is? I think he gets overlooked for a lot of reasons, including and not limited to the fact that he’s the youngest, but as a character study, he’s pretty interesting and super-cute to boot.

I still wince at his raspy smoker’s voice in the dub, though.