Hey everyone! Here is a Digimon I have been dieing to illustrate for a while, and after I took a break from Gabumon’s evolutions I decided to jump on the opportunity to paint Guilmon! Boy, what a lot of fun this was; Guilmon is one of my favorite Digimon, and I drew a lot of him back in the day.

 I wanted this to be more a cute piece and after looking at tons of pictures of dog and cat interactions on the internet, I wanted the interaction between Guilmon and Calumon to be just like that. Calumon is there playing with Guilmon’s wiggling tail like my cat will with my dogs tail. And of course, Guilmon is indulging on a ton of bread.

I don’t know what Digimon I will do next, but I know it will be one I love and want to do. Thank you all so much for all the support and I hope you all enjoy!

Calumon bears the Zero Unit on its forehead, shining whenever it releases the light of Digivolution that allows others to evolve to the Mega level. Guilmon has a Digital Hazard mark, which is inscribed on those who have the potential to cause massive damage to computer data. Guilmon can destroy rocks with its tough claws, drill through its target with them, or spit powerful flames.

Guilmon and Calumon, by Lindsey Wakefield.