All of you who belong to the Digimon fandom!!

I played this Digimon-moji game at and noticed few words which are…

gaikoukan = diplomat > taichi

uchuuhikoushi = astronaut > yamato

shousetsuka = novelist > takeru

isha = doctor > jou

ryourikenkyuuka = cook > mimi

So this is pretty good proof, that they are retconning nothing.

Spread the word.

There’s a new egg. There’s also a new typing game that’s entirely digimoji (and awards more points, but is maddeningly difficult; you can still do the old one if you like).

Anyway, my point is, one of the words I decoded was “kurisumasu” (Christmas), which is interesting as it’s the only word so far that’s 02-related instead of strictly Adventure-related. Either way, though, cracking this egg ain’t gonna be fun :/


~15th Anniversary Digimon Collab~

Here are the final collages for the Digimon Collab and just in time for the Odaiba Memorial Day!

Started back in March, over 120 artists came together to draw characters from six different seasons and three movies of the Digimon series. The list of all participants is here: [LINK]

High Res Links:

I want to thank everyone that contributed. Digimon was my favorite show when I was younger and I love that so many people felt the same way.