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Итак, блог начал свое существование.
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So, the blog came into existence.

For nearly thirty years, a phantom haunted the woods of Central Maine, creeping into homes, and surviving on what he could steal. He became a legend. Then one day last year, the hermit came out of the forest. His name was Christopher Knight

Sometime in the 1990s, answered Knight, he passed a hiker while walking in the woods.

"What did you say?" asked Perkins-Vance.

"I said, ‘Hi,’ " Knight replied. Other than that single syllable, he insisted, he had not spoken with or touched another human being, until this night, for twenty-seven years.

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After his Rhode Island team was eliminated from the Little League World Series, this coach delivered a welcome dose of perspective and encouragement to his teary-eyed troops.

Adam - A little league coach gives an inspirational speech to his team and suddenly made this room super dusty. Give me a sec … (via Digg(August 21, 2014)



What’s in the box? Ghosts? Spiders? Ghost spiders?? Find out.

No ice? Gaza is doing the Rubble Bucket Challenge While the West chucks endless buckets of water around, Palestinians have responded with their own version of the craze — the Rubble Bucket Challenge. The idea is simple: raise awareness for the political situation in Gaza by replacing ice and water with debris from bombed-out buildings. via Digg

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This Little Boy Could Not Be More Upset That His Mom Is Pregnant Sharing the limelight with yet another sibling is no easy task, but maybe this kid is just concerned about global overpopulation. via Digg