Introducing the fuzzies to their new dig box. I think Diggle likes it. #quiggle #quigley #diggle #digglebutt #ferret #diggledance #furbaby #fuzzbutt #ferretsofinstagram #instaferret #petsofinstagram #digbox

wardosaysno asked:

Saw your post about beardies and dig boxes; can male beardies use them too? Rambo digs in the corner on his daily tank patrols and I think this would be good for him

Yes! Digboxes are not only for girl beardies! 

Both male and female beardies love digging. If your boy is digging in his tank daily, then I highly recommend giving him one in the corner he most frequently digs in.

Digit’s digbox is covered up merely by personal choice/observation of my beardie’s behavior. Before I had it as a smaller, mostly-open topped box (from 5 months ago v)

But as she used it, I noticed that she crammed herself into the furthest corner, trying to be hidden from view when she went to bed at night.

So, I upgraded her small digbox to a larger one, and added a piece of cardboard as a lid for it. it’s not held down, it’s slightly larger than the box so it rests atop lightly. (it’s the bottom monster box in this post) This way, if I need to get her out or check on her, it’s really easy to just lift the lid and peep in!

It’s her favorite place to sleep now! 

I think she likes it because she can make it feel like a real burrow - it’s dark, covered from view, and she can dig out a comfortable, safe spot in it. She changes places from time to time, but her digbox is her most frequented spot to sleep.

This is just Digit’s habits. To start out with your beardie, I recommend a low-sided cardboard box or cheap plastic container, filled with alfalfa pellets. This way he can get into it easier, but there’s still a little less of a chance that he’ll fling pellets about - depends on how enthusiastic of a digger your beardie is!

If you find that he likes to sleep in it at night, try putting a light cover on it, just to give him some privacy. 

I also recommend using Monster energy drink boxes, the ones from corner stores and such that are shrink wrapped. They’re just the perfect size for a fat beardie to curl up in, and if you nab them from the store before they’re thrown out, they’re really cheap! And if your beardie decides to mess in it, you just toss the whole thing out, pellets and all, and replace the box with a new one! Easier than having to scrub and disinfect a plastic tub.

Hope this helps!


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“I have been wanting to bring the ferrets to the beach but none of the…”

Is the sand bad for them?

I’ve heard conflicting things about sand.

I am keeping it wet to prevent it from flying around and getting in their eyes and lungs. It is also play sand. It is also outside so I don’t have to worry about the mess.

All digging time will be supervise so I can watch them if they eat it. I have read that sand can cause a blockage.

Please comment if you have any thoughts about ferrets and sand.