Digable Planets - Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)


We like the breeze flow straight out of our lids
Them they got moved by these hard-rock Brooklyn kids
Us flow a rush when the DJ’s boomin’ classics
You dig the crew on the fattest hip hop records
He touch the kinks and sinks into the sounds
She frequents the fatter joints called undergrounds
Our funk zooms like you hit the Mary Jane
They flock to booms man boogie had to change
Who freaks the clips with mad amount percussion
Where kinky hair goes to unthought-of dimensions
Why’s it so fly cause hip hop kept some drama
When Butterfly rocked his light blue-suede Pumas
What by the cut we push it off the corner
How was the buzz entire hip hop era?
Was fresh and fat since they started sayin outie
Cause funks made fat from right beneath my hoodie
The puba of the styles like miles and shit
Like sixties funky worms with waves and perms
Just sendin’ chunky rhythms right down ya block
We be to rap what key be to lock

I’m cool like dat [x7]
I’m cool…I’m cool…


We be the chocolates taps on my raps
She innovates at the sweeta cat naps
He at the funk club with the vibrate
Them they be crazy down with the ?five plate?
It can kick a plan then a crowd burst
Me I be diggin’ it with s bump verse
Us we be freakin’ til dawn blinks an eye
He gives the strangest smile so I say hi (wassup)
Who understood yeah understood the plan
Him heard a beat and put it to his hands
What I just flip let borders get loose
How to consume or they’ll be just like juice
If its the shit we’ll lift it off the plastic
The babes’ll go spastic
Hip hop gains a classic
Pimp playin’ shock it don’t matter I’m fatter
Ax Butta how I zone (man Cleopatra Jones)

I’m chill like dat [x7]
I’m chill…I’m chill…




We get ya free cause the clips be fat boss
Them they’re the jams and commence to goin’ off
She sweats the beat and ask me cause she puffed it
Me I got crew kids seven and a crescent
Us cause a buzz when the nickel bags are dealt
Him that’s my man with the asteroid belt
They catch a fizz from the Mr. Doodle-big
He rocks a tee from the Crooklyn non-pigs
The rebirth of slick like my gangsta stroll
The lyrics just like loot come in stacks and rolls
You used to find a bug in a box with fade
Now he boogies up your stage plaits twist or braids

I’m peace like dat [x7]
I’m Peace


Check it out man I groove like dat
I’m smmoce like dat
I jive like dat
I roll like dat


Yeah I’m thick like dat
I stack like dat
I’m down like dat
I’m black like dat


Well yo I funk like dat
I’m fat like dat
I’m in like dat
Cause I swing like dat


We jazz like dat
We freak like dat
We zoom like dat
We out…we out…


Need to have children immediately so I can buy this for me them

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Casa da Lava: PODCASTS


A different and digable cool like that jersey on @northsidewheelers
“I don’t know where I’m going from here , but I promise it won’t be boring” Bowie
Arriving very soon @teamjaggad
Leaf it out mate ….


Digable Planets — Where I’m From


Fight talk!! (airhorn sound effect here)!!! We get into a lot of sports and the intersection of sports and Hip-Hop on this episode. After talking a bit about Baltimore, we get into the event that was Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. Then we get into some UFC talk with the Jon Jones hit-and-run situation. Moving to academia, we get into Michael Eric Dyson’s scathing 10,000 word essay about Cornell West. We then get into rappers using tragedy for self promotion, and then we come back to sports and the athletes who have been involved in Hip-Hop, including Shaq, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Iman Shumpert, Ron Artest, and more.

We also talk about rappers’ health issues dealing with obesity and drug use, and other random Hip-Hop talk discussing many things including music videos, The Box, Xzibit, Tha Liks, Loud Records, Kool G Rap, Digable Planets, Alchemist, and Prodigy’s discography.

We also talk about how back in the day (because we guess we’re old heads now) you may hear a song on a mixshow or see a video and then never see it again. That leads into our conversation about Bizzy Bone and BET Uncut, which we get more in depth with in part 2 of the episode.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

6-6:30 pm

  • “Baby’s Got Sauce” G. Love & Special Sauce
  • “Eventually” Tame Impala
  • “Penny Licks” Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
  • “Animal of One” Fresh & Onlys
  • “No Way Out” Warpaint
  • “Hurricane Waters” Citizen Cope
  • “Confiding” Vetiver

6:30-7 pm

  • “Runnin (Philippians Remix)” The Pharcyde
  • “The Tower” Wye Oak
  • “Drowning Butterflies” Bipolar Sunshine
  • “Black Lemon” The Generationals
  • “Hanging Gardens” Classixx
  • “Bodyache” Purity Ring
  • “Bermuda” Kisses

7-7:30 pm

  • “Bloodsport” Raleigh Ritchie
  • “Where I’m From” Digable Planet
  • “Fallin” Teenage Fanclub
  • “Fu-Gee-La” Fugees
  • “Swimming Stone” 20syl
  • “Closer” Goapele

7:30-8 pm

  • “I Gotta Find Peace of Mind” Lauryn Hill
  • “They Reminisce Over You” Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
  • “Award Tour” A Tribe Called Quest
  • “I Like it, I Love it” Lyrics Born
  • “Tennessee” Arrested Development
  • “Prayer” D’Angelo
  • “No Diggity” Blackstreet

8-8:30 pm

  • “Seven Nation Army” Zella Day
  • “Impossible” Daniel Merriweather
  • “L-O-V-E” Joss Stone
  • “That Girl from Ipanema” Amy Winehouse
  • “Default” Django Django
  • “Bad Girls” M.I.A.
  • “My Step” Little Dragon

8:30-9 pm

  • “Romanticize” Chela
  • “Top to Toe” HONNE
  • “I Need $” Polica
  • “Million Dollar Man” Lana Del Rey
  • “Kind Of…Sometimes…Maybe” Jessie Ware
  • “My Moon My Man” Feist
  • “Oh My Love” To Kill A King
  • “Goat Shepherd” Mirah

Digable Planets - Escapism (Getting Free)

get free 


 the perfect blend of some smooth jazz and even smoother flows. Digable Planets is so fucking underrated 

Gang Starr ‎– Daily Operation

それまでの僕は「HIP HOPなんて泥臭くて格好悪くて聴けたもんじゃない」って思ってた。しかし、ふと立ち寄った小さなレコード屋で紹介されたこの一枚で考え方が変わった。クール。それ以外の言葉が見つからなかった。紹介してくれたのは吉田くん。20年以上前の話なのに風貌も名前も頭を離れない。それから暫くはHIP HOPばかり聴いていた。結婚して直ぐの頃で小遣いも少なくて、その少ない小遣いを殆ど全てHIP HOPなレコードにつぎ込んでた。その中で一番聴いた一枚がこれ。世界に震撼を起こした超名盤。レコードを売りまくった時期があったんだけど、この辺はどうしても手放せなかった。たまに聴きたくなって楽しんでるけど、今まさにそのモード。そんな中で特に好きなのはDE LA SOULBIZ MARKIEDigable planetsLORD FINESS & DJ MIKE SMOOTHA Tribe Called Quest辺りでしょうか。