I never felt as though I belonged anywhere
I was always that useless extra puzzle piece
I have always been the second choice
Sometimes third
I always felt alone
Even when I was surrounded by people I knew
I always felt like a fish out of the water
Gasping for its next breath
Trying to find that one last thing
To live for
I could run away
And no one would go out searching for me
I could stay awake all night
But no one would come and cease the pain
That haunted me at night
I felt so alone
But in his arms it, for once,
Felt like home
I knew I was wanted
I felt I was needed
I felt as though I was finally able to dream big
Because if he happened, anything else could
He never made me feel
Like the total outcast I was
He knew I was insane and yet still loved every bit of it
He made me think change was possible
That things do happen for a reason
That dreams do come true
And that a kiss can heal any wound
His love caused me to write
Cheesy rhymes and silly sonnets
About the colour of his eyes
And the beauty of his smile
He was the best mistake I had ever made
Or maybe it was the other way around
Because it felt as though
I didn’t deserve such love
I didn’t deserve to be loved in such an unconditional way
I couldn’t do anything in this world
To earn the shelter he had offered me
He planted roses in my heart
Lilies in my eyes
And daisies on my lips
And though the hard work he never let a single leaf die
He loved me through my darkest night
And highest tides
He never left when my circumstances got the best of me
He never once left my side
Even if I didn’t deserve it.
—  S.Palma

compassionateanimosity replied to your post: compassionateanimosity replied to your…

I’ve seen people die around me, I’ve never been dead myself, hell I’ve killed people, but when someone you love and care about deeply dies it’s extremely hard to rebound from

but it just was an anime. you know hes alive. 

Your quirks make you special.

That crooked smile, 

Your excitement, 

The way you talk, 

The way you look at the world, 

Your freckles or braces or hair, 

Your shyness. 

Everyone is different, 

And those differences make the world a little more special, 

We don’t want a world that has robots, 

Celebrate your uniqueness, 

Because even if no one has told you, 

It makes you special, 

And I wouldn’t have you any other way.