My Journey so far.
The Image with the striped sports bra is when I was 222(ish)
The Image with the white bra is currently. 

If anyone is around the same weight as me, and is trying to lose as much as me, and would like to be weight loss friends/partners, I have imessage :)

If you do as well, and is interested -  INBOX ME :)

more updates soon ~ 

Be critical of the media, not your body;
Extend love where hate breeds most in your body;
Acknowledge that true strength is not based on the weights you lift or the delicious food you deny, but rather your resilience in the face of impossible demands on your body.

Your concerns and feelings about your body aren’t trivial. They echo those of millions of other men and women who never learned to see their bodies as good enough; only that their bodies can always, always be better.
—  body image activism is needed. x. 

This is bizarre and lovely.


For comparison purposes, I thought I would show you all a before-and-after for my current weight loss. Here’s a photo of me during my Freshmen year of college where I weighed approximately 300 pounds, and a photo I took this morning of me after losing almost 70 pounds. I can’t wait to see how much more weight I’m able to lose in the coming months and if I can keep up this weight loss regimen, but I’m so excited that the results are so obvious now :D