Healthy breakfast this morning. Homemade bean patties with mixed almonds, pecans and walnuts and a naked orange smoothie. People ask how I stay so energized, starting the day off right with the right fuel is key and it tastes friggin BOMBSKIS dudes and dudettes 🍔🍊🍳💪☺️ #health #me #food #hoready #bodybuilding #fitness #fitlife #diet #exercise

There are days like today, where I can’t see that I’ve lost weight. And I mean, looking at these two pictures side by side, of course I can see a difference. But when I look in the mirror, when I get out of bed in the morning and stand with my weight on two solid feet, when I lay down in the bath and become presented with my body in full view, I have struggles seeing that In these past few months, any thing has changed. And It can be really really disheartening and depressing, thinking that all the work you’re putting in is going nowhere, trying to work out how much more weight you have to lose to get to where you want considering the numbers on the scales are going down, but your body doesn’t seem to be changing. These photos, these comparisons, are the only way I can keep myself motivated. Because even when my brain is lying to me, the camera isn’t. I can definitely see that I’ve lost weight, and my posture has improved drastically haha 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips, advice, comments or thoughts concerning weight loss spells?

Don’t f*ck up your body.

Try adding power and resolution to weight loss programs you are already a part of. 

Go slow. Focus on health. Magic is a helpful friend; it will deliver to you what you ask for in the easiest way possible. “I want to lose 20 pounds” - people easily lose 20 pounds if they are badly sick. 

Try a weekly ritual (it does not need to be long of complex) on Sunday or Tuesdays to reaffirm your goals, acknowledge the progress you have made so far, and focus renewed energy where you are not succeeding. 

Fat can only be safely exhaled so quickly. Do not try to rush things, better to meet your goals as a healthy person than limp there with a broken body.