Drogba is set to return from an ankle injury but Diego Costa is expected to lead the line, with the 36-year-old admitting the Spain international’s form could be crucial in deciding the title race while defending criticism over the striker’s physical approach.

Drogba: ‘He had a very good start and we are here to help him improve, to continue to keep his record because we need him to score goals. He is an important man in our team. A bit like with me, people forget that technically he’s gifted,’ he said. ‘He can play good football. I think it’s a bit unfair to say he is a physical player. I think his technique is great and he can score fantastic goals. He is a complete striker.’ 


marc is literally the only person excited for that goal like costa isn’t even that excited


Joker of the pack, the serious side of Diego Costa. [BT Sport]

..”I wasn’t coached, I think when you are developed at an academy, it shapes you and gives you a certain education. I think you need to have discipline so there is a downside of never having a formal education. 

I am paying today for many things I have done in my past. Back in those days, I couldn’t even take a tough tackle without getting very angry. I have become better every year because of my hard work and the experience.”..


”(..) Diego Costa, sucking three defenders towards him and then swatting them all aside, like a human booby trap. His lay-off to Cesc Fabregas was played into the path of Oscar, who curled the ball deliciously around Robert Green with the outside of his foot. You or I could try that in the park and fail 100 times out of 100. It was the sort of goal you see in the last minute of a football film.” - The Telegraph