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Amazon Is Thinking Inside The Box - 04/25/2013

Yet another Set Top Box coming at us!  This is of course great news for the likes of companies such as ours, and content owners - allowing even more reach.  The branded box by AMAZON apparently forthecoming will be interesting indeed to watch out for!

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We are all VERY happy Mr. Spielberg

Steven Spielberg on Wednesday predicted an “implosion” in the film industry is inevitable, whereby a half dozen or so $250 million movies flop at the box office and alter the industry forever. What comes next — or even before then — will be price variances at movie theaters, where “you’re gonna have to pay $25 for the next Iron Man, you’re probably only going to have to pay $7 to see Lincoln.” He also said that Lincoln came “this close” to being an HBO movie instead of a theatrical release.

themerrymutants said:

"They... they hurt me..." Didge murmured swaying on her feet. A bitter mixture of blood and tears ran down her face as she entered. "Couldn't think of anywhere else close enough to go to. Why do the Purifiers hate us? What did we ever do to them?" Why did people hate mutants at all? Sure there were a few bad ones but that was only some of them. A lot of them were really nice, Didge included.

Superman was across the room in less than a second, cradling the mutant to his chest like his own child.
“Who did this to you? What happened? How hurt are you? Where are your caretakers? Are you okay?” Restrained anger was behind his eyes, but his natural compassion was far too much for him to ignore the needs of the little mutant girl.

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I always imagined The Dreaming as a game, and I can see the action scenes and the FMVs so clearly in my head.

Because of that I always look for ambient music/soundtracks etc that fit the type of music I think would be used. 

I found this :)

Also a great example of all the different sounds a Didgeridoo can make, if you were having trouble imagining how it sounded when Old Johnson was playing one. I love the deep, deep undertones you can hear when he takes the longer didge.

Also, he’s a great example of a more rhythmic-track that mixes modern drums and synth in (definitely contains photographs of people that have passed away).